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Friday, April 11, 2008

15 months

Ee Shuen is 15 months now.

She knows how to say," fish, na ( bananas ), gong ( working in mandarin ), star, bus..."

Her favourite fruits are bananas, apple, peach...

She is not afraid of insects.

She starts to help mama for housework - use the cloth to mop the floor, haha!

She will take her own pampers to the dustbin located in the kitchen.

She can walk very fast now, and even starts to run!

She is still taking 7 oz milk, 3 scoops of milk powder - wyeth Step 3.

She likes to see us brush our teeth. And she learns how to brush her teeth now after each meal.

She goes to library every fortnight to borrow story books.

She loves to eat bread.

She still wake up once during midnight for milk.

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