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Saturday, May 31, 2008


When Ee Shuen wants to go out, she will stay around the fron door,
Ee Shuen: Mummy, 穿 鞋 ( wear shoes ).

When she is thirsty,
Ee Shuen : 水 ( water ).

When she wants to watch Barney, she will point at the TV.
Ee Shuen : 开 ( on/ open ).

When she had finished her milk, she will take the milk bottle to us.
Ee Shuen : 洗 ( wash ).

When she wants to take something, but she didn't managed to reach.
Ee Shuen : 拿 ( take ).

Ee Shuen had shown to us that she can communicate with us in Mandarin, English, Malay and Hokkien, mixed. With all the wording that she says!

Fresh Fish Daily at Jusco

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting fresh fish daily at Jusco..

Oh yes... as this banner pointed out they are fresh off from the 'nelayan's net to Jusco daily.

As for my favourite norweigian salmon that mummy buys regulary, I sure hope they fly them to Jusco Penang daily to preserve the freshness

Fresh or no fresh... I can't really tell the different yet (hey I am just 1 years old) but they are surely finger licking good.!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday while trying to get ee shuen to take her afternoon nap. Ee Shuen start counting.

Ee Shuen: one, two, three, four, four, four, four (cannot get pass four)
Ah ma: FIVE!! (helping ee shuen))
Ee Shuen: six

amazingly ee shuen continue from ah ma.

We just wonder if she understand the meaning of numbers or she is just saying them in sequence.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Win win situation according to our FM, but you tell me

Our FM says it is a win win ruling. look at the maps and pic below and you tell me who won and who lost

map of pulau batu puteh
(stolen from straits times). It is really closer to Malaysia than Singapore

Picture of pedra branca with Middle Rocks (what we won) in red circle. (stolen from here) and of course the light house is on Pedra Branca

Lets zoom in closer to the middle rocks that belong to Malaysia.

Now I really wonder if we have won :( paiseh paiseh

daddy, mummy and ee shuen are no lawyer, but are really wondering if we had done a good job :( :(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The "after effect" of story book

Last 2 weeks, we borrowed a book from the library. In that particular book, there's two pictures - one with the baby wearing his own shoes ( the vocabulary that shows in that page is " Shoes" ), another picture with the baby wearing a bigger shoes ( should be his mummy's shoes ), compared to his own shoes ( the vocabulary that shows in that page is " Big" ).
So, after reading that particular book, Ee Shuen always tend to wear bigger shoes, like what she's doing in the photo!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What Ee Shuen did in a Sunday morning

Ee Shuen tried to climb up to the bed.

What is she looking for?

Got her target! Her favourite - pillow with the lion picture.

After took her " Lion", busy playing with Mummy's handbag.

Mummy, can I open the drawer?

Oh no, she's trying to "digest" her own photo...

Moon & Star

During night time, when Ee Shuen saw moon in the sky,

Mummy: What is this?

Ee Shuen: Star.

Mummy: No, this is moon.

Ee Shuen: This is Star, hehehe... ( I think she knows she's wrong, just the fun of insisting what she says is correct )

Friday, May 16, 2008

Too excited!

Mummy is trying to capture some photos to show daddy. Ee Shuen is trying to put all the toys together.

See, Ee Shuen can put all the small particles together till so high!

She was so happy.... And, suddenly......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mummy: Ee Shuen, what's the sound that you can hear when Bob is working ( There is some construction work on near our house, she refer this to Bob the Builder )?

Ee Shuen : tu..tu..tu...

Mummy: Is Bob working today?

Ee Shuen : No. ( because today is Sunday )

When Mumy reached home today,
Mummy: Did you pang sai today?

Ee Shuen: No.

learning to write email

Ee Shuen was trying to learn how to use computer to write email to Daddy when Daddy called from US!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Papa, " gong "

Daddy is going to US for two weeks.

Today Mummy & Ee Sheun sent daddy off to airport. When Dadddy want to check in, Mummy was carrying her. She faster jump down and wanted to follow Daddy.

When we want leave the airport, on the way to car park Mummy told Ee Shuen that daddy is taking aeroplane to " Zhuo gong " ( Mandarin means " work" ). When Mummy brought her to see aeroplane, Ee Shuen said," Papa, Gong " ( Papa is going to work ). Haha! this little girl!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early birthday celebration for Popo

Popo's birthday will be on 22nd May this month. This will be her 60th birthday. As Daddy will be away to US, Mummy can't drive Ee Shuen back to Ipoh alone. Therefore, we went back last week to have a early celebration for both Mother's Day & birthday.

Mummy had ordered a cake from Left Shore Cafe - fruit flan. Quite nice, as there is a lot of almond surrounding the cake, and fresh fruits like rambutans, grapes, kiwi, mangos, strawberries.

Ee Shuen was clapping hand while everybody singing " Happy Birthday" song.

Daddy is testing his camera again!

Scratching my head

Ee Shuen - today mummy and daddy read a rather musing article, we could find money to buy submarines and fighter jet, but we could not find money to build bridges, monorail and roads for penang that will benefit over 1+ million ppl that live in penang and many more other malaysians as well as tourist that will visit penang with the improve transportation system. Wonder who are we protecting ourself against with the submarines and fighter jet :(

Read here.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our dear CM Picture to share with everyone

I just can't resist in downloading this picture from here, no we have not gotten the permission, hope Mr. Manager won't mind.

Our CM, YAB Lim Guan Eng in economy class from KL to PG.
Another first for Malaysia :) and an example to all especially our jetsetting and globe trotting ministers and wife of ministers.

we just hope all this humble action from our dear CM will also be turned into REAL development for Penang.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Whenever Ee Shuen goes back Popo and Gong gong's house, she will asked us to bring her to the playground opposite Popo's house. She pointed at the chair and wanted to be seated here!

She jsut love to play! All children like that! Ee Shuen laugh till can;t see her little eyes!

Ah Wong, our neighbour's dog was also at the playground. Ee Shuen wants to play with it. She even try to go near it and wanted to touch the dog!

Friday, May 2, 2008

One day off

Today Mummy take one day off to accompany Ee Shuen. As Mummy will be going outstation for few days this month, try to spend some times with her.

5.45am - woke up for milk

6.30am - crying as nobody in the bedroom. Mummy accompanied her, sleep back again

7.00am - wake up

7.30am - Ee Shuen and Mummy went down for morning walk. After Hin Lerk cousin woke up, he also came and joined us with Ah Ma

8.30am - take bath

10.45am - take nap

12.00pm - wake up from nap. Drink milk for second time

12.05pm - watching TV

12.40pm - playing around. Help Mummy to take back clothes from the balcony. She try to mop the floor as it's wet. She take out some stuff from the drawer, put back after finished playing.

1.00pm - read book with Mummy. When Mummy said out one word, she'll try to follow for those simple one. E.g.: book, duck, bird, car, bus, apple ( she pronounced as "ple" ), shoe, fish, snail, horse, zebra ( "bra" ), cat, frog )

2.45pm - Drink milk again, try to put her to sleep. reluctant

4.00pm - Ee Shuen was a bit moody as need to take nap already, but she still want to stay in living room

4.10pm - Mummy try to accompany her to sleep. When pointed at her baby cod, she replied " Ng Mai" ( Hokkien - Doesn't want ).

5.50pm - still taking nap. I think she's too tired...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Live telecast of the Parlimen HAVE TO CONTINUE!!

Refering to the MSM article on PM response from Kuwait on the cancelation on the live telecast of the parlimen session here, our response from Penang is.... the live telecast HAVE TO CONTINUE....

if after 50 years of independance can't teach out leaders, pakatan rakyat or barisan nasional, to properly debate, then the RAKYAT need to properly decide from watching the telecast if they should continue voting for the person to be his/her MP.

on the PM's comment that the rakyat can easily go to the dewan to follow the proceedings...... my response is we do not have a private jet to fly us to KL and private chauffer to drive me from KLIA to the parlimen house, my only source of information is the telecast and INTERNET :( Also I really wish i could just take leave in the middle of the week to fly to KL or Kuwait, but i just don't have that luxury :(

Penang Promo: World Music Festival at Botanic Gardens

For all you music fans out there, there will be a World Music Festival held at Botanic Gardens Penang 2-4th of May 2008. So take some of your precious time off to visit Penang this weekend to participate in this event. Enjoy!!

More info here.