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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Different dialects at home

Since we speak different languages/ dialects ( Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Malay ) at home, will it confuse baby Ee Shuen if she grow up in such an environment? Read the article below, and they'll tell you the answer :

Babies Able To Tell Through Visual Cues When Speakers Switch Languages
Science Daily
— At four months, babies can tell whether a speaker has switched to a different language from visual cues alone, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Researcher Whitney Weikum found that infants are able to discern when a different language is spoken by watching the shapes and rhythm of the speaker's mouth and face movements.

The findings suggest that older infants, raised in a monolingual environment, no longer need this facility. However, babies growing up in a bilingual environment advantageously maintain the discrimination abilities needed for separating and learning multiple languages.

In a paper to be published in the May 25 issue of the journal Science, Weikum explores whether babies use visual speech information to tell the difference between someone speaking their native language(s) and an unfamiliar language. Weikum is a UBC Neuroscience doctoral student working with Canada Research Chair and Psychology Prof. Janet Werker.

The researchers tested three groups of infants -- ages four, six and eight months -- from monolingual English homes and two groups of infants --ages six and eight months -- from bilingual homes. They showed each group silent video clips of three bilingual French-English speakers, who recited sentences first in English or French, and then switched to the other language.

Their findings suggest that visual information alone will prompt the babies at four and six months to pay closer attention and watch the video for a longer period when the speakers switch languages.

"We already know that babies can tell languages apart using auditory cues," says Weikum. "But this is the first study to show that young babies are prepared to tell languages apart using only visual information."

The researchers found that six-month-old babies from both bilingual French-English and monolingual English homes could tell the languages apart visually. These groups would watch the video clips for a significantly longer period if the speaker switched languages.

However, by eight months, only babies from a bilingual French-English home and familiar with both languages were able to tell the languages apart visually.

"This suggests that by eight months, only babies learning more than one language need to maintain this ability. Babies who only hear and see one language don't need this ability, and their sensitivity to visual language information from other languages declines."

Seems like there'll be more responsibility for daddy from now onwards

Mummy saw this articles and would like to share with all parents. Nowadays a lot of the families are with working parents. So, in this article, seems like daddy will be having more influence in Ee Shuen's language development than mummy!

Fathers Influence Child Language Development More Than Mothers
Science Daily
— In families with two working parents, fathers had greater impact than mothers on their children's language development between ages 2 and 3, according to a study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham (FPG) Child Development Institute and UNC's School of Education.
Researchers videotaped pairs of parents and their 2-year-old children in their homes during playtime. The children whose fathers used more diverse vocabularies had greater language development when they were tested one year later. However, the mothers' vocabulary did not significantly affect a child's language skills.

"Most previous studies on early language development focused on mothers," said Nadya Panscofar, a graduate research assistant and an author of the study. "These findings underscore that for two-parent, dual earner families, fathers should be included in all efforts to improve language development and school readiness."

Popo's 59th birthday

We went back Ipoh last Sunday morning to celebrate Popo's birthday. Popo's birthday is in the month of celebrating Mother's day!
We bought a fruit flan cake from deli garden, the usual cake shop that we usually buy cakes for everyone's birthday, because the cake is come in 1/2 kg and it's just nice, not too big! See, Ee Shuen took photo with Popo.

Everybody except Su Xuan aunty was not in the photo as she was in KL. She's in third year medicine course now, start training in HUKM. That's why she's more busy now.

seems like taste good ya! But Ee Shuen still can't eat!

During the trip to Ipoh and back Penang, Ee Shuen sit on her new car seat. She slept all the way back to Ipoh & when travelled back to Penang, she slept through the 2 hours. This is the first time she tried on her car seat, no complaint from her as it's so comfortable, she slept during the whole journey!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby ee shuen's new toy... its a BOAT!!

We stop by Queensbay Mall's toys'us today and look..... what we have got for ee shuen.....

Yes its a boat. Daddy have a real hard time filling up the boat with air, huff and puff... finally with a red face, daddy got the boat filled with air. Isn't it pretty.

Ee Shuen sure love the boat.... you can see how she just stare at the boat.

and there how she tries to get on it. 'Let me go, mummy, I want to get down!!'

Lets see how she looks like in the pool on the boat.....

Hey its not ee shuen.... ITS HIN LERK on the float......

Hin Lerk is sure enjoying the ride .

Ah mah, hin lerk, ee shuen and daddy with mummy taking the foto with her new camera phone. Seems like ee shuen is trying to get down to the boat too.

In the end everyone had good time swimming in the pool. Hin Lerk had so much fun that he practically fell asleep on the high chair while ah mah was feeding him dinner, after coming back and bath. And he just knock off on ah mah's bed.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sponsors our blog and ee shuen's diapers

To our dear readers (though not too many :) ), as you can see on the top right, we have started adsense advertising. We certainly hope it has not bother you when you read or navigate through Baby Ee Shuen's blog.

We, including ee shuen, truly appreciate it if you could pay our sponsors a visit. We are very sure they have very interesting products that could serve your needs and in return you could sponsor ee shuens a diaper or two :).

Thanks and appreciate it!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

While Mummy is away for working trip

While Mummy is away for meetings, daddy and Ah Mah will take care of Ee Shuen during night time. So, Ee Shuen will be drinking formula during midnight according to daddy. It's more easier as daddy or ah mah don't have to warm up the milk as EeShuen will be complaining of hunger if waited too long.
Thanks for daddy and Ah Mah for waking up during midnight to attend Ee Shuen!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mummy is in KL....

Mummy need to go KL for meetings and trainings quite often nowadays. So, this trip was quite lucky that the hotel upgraded mummy's roommate to a better room with free internet access ( as she was waiting quite long when checking in ).
So, mummy can write something in Ee Shuen's blog and reading all the posts...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers'Day to Mummy from EeShuen. This is the first time mummy celebrate mothers' day with the presence of Ee Shuen

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Product Review #1 - Mr. Ostopus

We bought a singing octopus for ee shuen before she was born. When you press Mr. Octopus head it sing a children's melogy. Whe ee shuen was in the womb, we always put the octopus near suyin's tummy and let Mr. Octopus sing to ee shuen. We hope by doing this ee shuen will have something that she can connects to when she is born.

Mr. Octopus has many nice features.
1. it can sing
2. it has lights blinking for its eyes when it sings
3. it has colourful tentacles
4. one of its tentacles go eh eh eh when u press it (baby ee shuen lovers the sound of it)
5. one of its tentacles has a rattles
6. 2 of its tentacles has chewable rubbers, which we guess for ee shuen to bite when she begins to teeth...

So on average it is a great toy and baby ee shuen just loves it. We used it many times to calm her down and to coax her to sit on her stroller.

However recently we noticed some stain on one of the chewable rubber.

At first we thought it was stains as we bring Mr. Octopus along when we brings ee shuen out. But after looking at it we do not think it is stains from our outing after all. If it is stains, it should be at the outer part of the rubber chewables rather than the inner part. We thinks it is the colour coming out from tentacles.

In the end we are rather dissapointed with the quality of the product, it was quite expensive, and thinking that it coming from a reputable company we should not have colouring coming out like that. And the most worrying part is ee shuen just love to put anything into her mouth and the colouring will definetely find its way into her tummy.

Conclusion - we will file a complain with this company and hopefully get a satisfactory answer from them. In the mean time we will stay away from this brand.

Baby ee shuen turning over

When we first bring ee shuen home from the hospital, we were contemplating either to let ee shuen sleeps on her tummy or on her back. Of course there are plus and minus on either ways. It is said that babies could typically sleep longer on their tummy and they feel safer and more secure this way, and of course their head will be shape nicer. Then of course there are people who says it is safer to let babies sleep on its back.

Well we did a research on the net and find out either way is find (there are some that says it is safest to sleep on tummy), but it is better to stick to one way, once the baby is used to it. Switching will sometime confused the baby and might also be dangerous.

But now either way is fine for ee shuen :). She can sleep on her back or sleep on her tummy, and of course SHE CAN DO IT ALL BY HERSELF!! to her liking. Check out the video below. We notice she begin to try turning herself when she is in her 3rd month, and by 3.5 months she was able to turn successfully. After she discover her ability (nope she has not discover that she can climb walls yet), there is no turing back, she turn over to her tummy when ever we put her down on her back.

she just love looking and talking to the cartoon character on the play mat

Friday, May 11, 2007

Baby Ee Shuen laughing to mummy's singing

For the first time in video, we present baby ee shuen laughing to mommy's singing.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

3rd trip back to Ipoh

Daddy, ee shuen And mom went back to Ipoh last Sunday ( stay for 3 days 2 nights ). Mom is more busier now compared to last time as just take up the position of field sales supervisor. Need to work on some weekends, and need to travel to KL more frequent for meetings & trainings.
Since 1st ( Labour day ) & 2nd ( Wesak day ) of May are holidays, we took the opportunity to go back home to see everybody ( grandparents & aunties, but aunty su xuan was not back ).

Neighbour tried to play and talk to Ee Shuen, but she just don't want to smile with them. haha, I think little baby girl like her also have mood swing.

Mom had the chance to taste grandma's homemade pumpkin pau this trip. I must praised her for her improvement. I think this is the best that I had tasted after so many time eaten grandma's homemade pau. it's like those selling in the market ( I think she has the talent also, and ee shuen's great grandfather also good in this, as last time he owned a coffee shop. he used to wake up early to prepare pau, loh mai kai to sell in his coffee shop ). Hope I can learn her cooking skills, hehe!

Besides that, we went to the famous dim sum place in Ipoh during our trip back to Ipoh - Fu San Dim Sum. Ipoh Dim Sum still the best!

I'm glad that ee shuen adapt to different environment very fast, or maybe she still remember that's grandpa's house. She didn't make so much noise as compared to her 1st trip back to Ipoh.