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Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are one year old now!

MSLS are one year old now! Both Daddy & Mummy took leave to accompany them on their birthday on Thursday. At first, we plan to go jalan jalan. However, ES had fever since Wed evening, so we just stayed at home.

When MSLS woke up in the morning, they were amazed by the decoration done by Daddy the night before, especially all the balloons in the living room.

We had a simple breakfast - banana, macadamia nuts & blueberries yoghurt pancake.

What are the kids looking at?

Mummy had made a birthday cake for MSLS. As requested by Daddy, he wanted a peach cake. We had a cake cutting ceremony at night.

Our family photo!

High fever

ES was having fever since Wednesday evening, after she came back from school. This is the 2nd time she is having fever in Oct.

On Thursday night, her fever went up to 40 C. On friday morning, daddy broguht her to see doctor. Doctor advised if her temperature shoot up to 40 C again, better bring her to the hospital. As she is having high fever, dr advised to do blood test to check if it is dengue fever.

On Friday night, her fever shoot up to even 41 C. We sponged her with ice but seems like fever still maintain at 39 C. We decided to bring her to hospital and her temperature was reduced due to taking paracetamol 4 hourly.

On Saturday morning, doctor took her blood sample and sent to the laboratory to test on dengue and other bacteria infection. Thanks god all results came out negative...
It should be due to viral fever.

However, doctor would like to observe her for another day before discharge. Hope Mummy & ES can go home tomorrow...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milk loaf & fruit pastry cake

ES was having fever since yesterday. Decided to make her some bread. Had made her this milk loaf with raisin. Think i need to start learning another recipe on bread without using milk. As she is complaining on stomachache recently. Doctor commented maybe it is due to lactose intolerance.

Had made this fruit pastry cake on Saturday night as we were having steamboat party...

Baking is fun as it also helps to release stress...

Sunday dinner

We had simple food during Sunday dinner...
Sausage, Eggs prepared by Daddy... Salad and scones ( with blueberries yoghurt ) prepared by Mummy...

What did both babies doing while Mummy baking scones?
They were out in the garden, busy helping Ah Ma to collect the vegetables for tomorrow's cooking

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Popo, Gong gong & Ah yi came over to Penang on Mummy's birthday this year. They drove all the way from Ipoh to have lunch ( just some home cooked dishes ) on this special day as Ah yi can't take any leave and Su Yan auntie needs to be back to her uni also as it is a weekday.

Daddy can't joined us for lunch as he needs to work on that day... ( That's why when he saw the photos, he can't remember when he had eaten all these dishes.. He was thinking over and over again, how come he had forgotten about he is having such dishes during one of his meals )

As everybody was quite busy, we just have a quick celebration during lunch time.... Thanks for coming all the way from Ipoh...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday.. wifey

Did the powerpoint prez for our wedding dinner 5 years ago... finally got it converted into video with all the transitions and music intact. Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MS : I have my own pillow

MS: LS has an orange colour glass... Looks good ya!

MS: Let's take the orange colour glass from LS

MS: Let's take LS's pillow also...

MS: It's all mine!!!