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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picnic at Choo's Villa

We went for picnic and water playing session this morning. Daddy, Mummy, Ah Gong, Ah Ma, ES, MS & LS went. As LS is not feeling well because of teething, Mummy and LSMS didn't managed to enjoy the cool & unpolluted waterfall. ES and Daddy enjoyed very much

Are these two young man " fighting"? they looks a bit fierce ya

Kaya puff

Took back some Kaya from Popo's house. Wanted to eat some traditional kaya puff during the few days holiday break.
Called Popo to get her kaya puff recipe. However, can't get her as she went for meeting without bringing her handphone. So, i decided to follow one of the recipe from internet which required water and oil dough. So, it turns out like these. But, this is not the type of kaya puff that i'm craving for...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a wonderful Sunday...

We had an early dinner prepared by Daddy. At about 6pm, Daddy drove us to the fun fair. It was not open yet... Therefore, we bought a kite and play by the beach

What MS & LS did while daddy and ES playing kite? They were busy searching for the kite, flying high up the sky....

ES was having great fun at the fun fair. She enjoyed all the rides, and not afraid of height... She still want to play after 4 rounds... We had concluded she is ready for all the adventures in Disneyland!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Auntie Su Xuan's graduation

We drove all the way from Penang to Nibong Tebal, from Nibong Tebal to Ipoh, and from Ipoh to Cheras, from Cheras to Bangi to attend auntie Su Xuan's graduation. Mummy was the driver, and the driver fall sick after come back to Penang with bad sore throat and fever. Daddy and MSLS were not able to join us due to long journey and hectic schedule.

We attended Auntie Su Xuan 38th convocation at IYC ( opposite HUKM ) on last Friday & UKM Bangi on the next day.

Congratulation auntie Su Xuan. After 5 years of hard work, finally she graduated and obtained MD.

MS & LS are having running nose

MS & LS just started to have running nose 2 days back. LS can't sleep well just now and crying off and on during midnight. She is having bad runnig nose and therefore having difficulty with breathing through her little nose, and she can't suck her thumb because of that. MS is slightly better than LS. Crying a bit before sleep just now...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MS & LS at 9 months old

(1) MS & LS just knew how to stand up with support last few days. Sometimes when LS stand up with holding the chair, she does not know how to squawd down. At this moment, she will call for rescue

(2) Taking 6 1/2 oz of Mamex Gold step 2 now

(3) They usually only take nap for one or two times

(4) They sleep at around 8pm - 8.30pm and wake up at 7am the next morning. LS tends to sleep through the whole night without any night feeding. MS sometimes do sleep through the night

(5) They loves apple juice! Daddy just bought a juicer and we made them apple juice...

(6) They like to clap their hands

(7) Whenever we walk out from our front door, they will express their happiness by kicking their legs or clap thier hands, or sometimes even scream

(8) They both have one pillow during their bedtime

(9) MS seems like love to sing... When anybody sing or when the music is on, she will sing together

(10) They behave well when we bring them out for dining.

(11) They will fight for the same toy now