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Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking photo with the tripod

When we take family photo together, it is always with the camera on the tripod and us peeving throught the small viewfinder on the eos40D camera. Guess who has been obeserving our actions quietly....

last night ee shuen went to the computer room, took out the tripod, place it in the living room, and peev it through top like she was trying to take a picture. If we asked her to take photo at ah ma, she will peev through the top looking at ah ma, or if we asked her to take photo of mummy she will peev through the top looking at mummy.

it is trully surprising how toddler observe us quietly, and imitating us.

Thumbs up good sign!!

Ee Shuen showed us the thumbs up good sign for the first time last night. Previously it was all index finger good sign....... :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Hero

Guess who is Ee Shuen's hero?

He is nevertheless, Ee Shuen's daddy!

Why we say so?

With the few situation below, we can confirmed Ee Shuen's hero should be Daddy:

Mummy: Who bought this shirt for you? ( supposed was boguht by Mummy )
ES : Papa

Mummy: Who brought you to the zoo?
ES: Papa

Everything we mentioned, she'll linked to PAPA!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Ee Shuen did while daddy was busy working during weekend

She is busy watching " B B B " ( which means Barney ).

On Sunday morning, Mummy brought her to Enfa SMART Camp. She went around and participate in some of the games only, because half of the games is mainly for children more than 3 years old. She likes this!

She have this at home too, but still enjoy playing!

Finally, this is the game that she doesn't like to play. She saw another boy who went into the pool of balls who is crying. She also crying when she went into the "pool".