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Sunday, March 27, 2011

pretend to cry and ask for hug

MS had fever last 2 weeks, and we noticed that after fever subsided, she had some red spots on her back and body... same as what happened to LS one month ago... Maybe the virus had been with her for a month, and she need to 'release it out'...

After she recovered, she tend to be very "manja", when LS snatch her toys or LS trying to bite her ( LS is very aggresive ), she will pretend to cry, and ask for hug....


ES had turned her table into toilet...She put her potty behind the table

MS sitting in the box, pretend to be a boat

Homemade pizza

It was quite awhile we didn't have pizza for our dinner. Last Saturday, we decided to have our pizza feast!

Pizza dough is ready to proof for 1.5-2 hours

After 2 hours...

Our seafood pizza ( Scallop, salmon, prawn, mushroom, lnatern chilli, pineapples ) is ready. Daddy reminded Mummy to put the chesse on the pizza dough first before anytihng, the effect was greater than the previous one.

The other one consists of ham, mushroom, pineapples, lantern chilli, onion.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breakfast time & Playing time

MSLS woke up in the early morning, about 6 ssomething in the morning.... They are better than our house alarm clock! Sitting at the dining area, and start taking their breakfast.

Their ususal breakfast will be fruit juice, with homemade bread of the day( carrot milk loaf ).

This is how they say " GOOD"!

LS is so hungry...

ES with her breakfast...

And finally, after breakfast - playing time!

ES busy feeding the turtles...

And LS is busy palying with the water!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

They are different...

Although they are born on the same day, but they act differently....

LS tends to be more aggresive. She always grab MS's toy, book or whatever that MS is holding or playing... End up, MS will cry to complain....

However, when LS is playing with those toys that MS wanted to play with, MS will wait till LS is bored with it and leave it aside. She will faster go and take it and start playing after LS does not want to play it anymore....

LS tends to get sick easier, MS is stronger. LS is always the first to catch the bug.

Same same, but different...


ES is having fever since Tuesday afternoon. She told ah Ma that she is feeling her body is a bit warm.

Later on Wednesday, LS was having fever also.

We are wondering why.... maybe due to the grapes that we bought from BP market on Sunday?? As I remembered Chinese always mentioned grapes is "heaty"?!?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

breakfast at beach side

We had our breakfast at Batu Ferengghi beach last two Saturday. the breakfast was not that delicious, but ESMSLS like it so much... LS even asked Mummy to bring her to the sea.

LS running toward the sea