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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MS & LS at 22 weeks

(1) Their weight is almost the same - 8kg

(2) Their height is almost the same too - 66cm

(3) And both does not take pacifier now ( even LS had stopped taking pacifier since 3 weeks ago )

(4) They really love to see ES talking, singing, whenever ES is around them, they will just look at

(5) Most of the time, they will not pass motion in their diapers. They used potty now

(6) They drink breast milk and formula now... almost 50%/ 50% ( 40 oz of breast milk per day is
only enough for half of their demand )

(7) Drinking about 5-5 1/2 oz now

(8) They are excited when reading book with them... They wanted to grab the book while reading.

(9) Ah Ma started to let them try 2 spoon of porridge every day. They like it!

Injection for MS and LS

We brought MS and LS for their fifth month injection last month. Because of certain reasons, we decided to bring them to GP clinic for their injection. However, some of the GPs are not in last saturday, and some they does not keep exactly the same injection. Therefore, we had to proceed to private hospital for injection. Ms wanted to cry when she entered the paed's consultation room. She knows that we are bringing her to see a dr. While LS still smiling to the dr...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So happy....

ES knew Daddy is coming back on Saturday after 2 weeks business trip. What she said on last Saturday morning," Today I'm very happy oh.....Coz my Daddy is coming back!"

You can really feel the joy from the statement that she said out and the smile from her face...

MS & LS having running nose

This started with LS on Saturday. LS starts to have running nose yesterday morning. In the evening, MS also starts to have running nose. But LS looks like more serious.

Yesterday when we get back from church, LS & MS drink milk. LS vomit out the milk after finished drinking. However, she still can smile after that....

Hope they will get well soon

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ES the big sister

ES likes to sing to her two sisters... She will help to take care of them,and when they cry, she'll tell hem," Don't cry, Jie Jie is here." The interesting part is when she says this, they really stop crying and looking at her most of the time.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Written by ES

Yesterday night, ES played a new game. She will write whatever alphabet spell out by mummy. She wanted to write her own name.

Mummy spell out and she wrote this on the writtng board. Wow, within the few months she attended nursery, she had learnt and familiar with most of the alphabets and numbers. When mummy spell out the alphabets, she will write out..
( I still remember that the last when i teach her writing alphabet for her homework, she even not familiar with how to write A, B... and we do not want to force her to do all these homework - writing, as she is just only 3 years old at that momentv)