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Saturday, July 14, 2007

6 month-old's development

I got this from net... Just wonder is Ee Shuen on the right track. But, of course, some babies will be faster or they will master the skills later...

Exploring with his hands
By the time she's about six months old (though sometimes it takes a little longer), your baby's hand control is developed enough that he can pull an object towards him. Once he's learned to grab a toy, he'll start to practise moving objects from one hand to the other. Plus, she may discover that letting go of something is as much fun as picking it up. Once he understands the concept of cause and effect, your baby's world will become more interesting ... and yours a good deal messier.

Yup, Ee Shuen always grabbing things surrounding her now. Toys, TV remote controller, handkerchief, Mummy's finger, Mummy's shirt, when mummy holding a cup, she also want to touch...She'll play with the toys, then she let go, then pick it back again.

Left or right handed?
It's still too early to tell whether your baby is left- or right-handed. At this stage, most babies seem to favour one hand for a while and then switch to the other. True left- or right-handedness won't really be determined until he's between two and three years old.

It'll be interesting to know as daddy and mummy are left handed. So, will it be left handed ( daddy ) + left handed ( mummy ) = left handed ( Ee Shuen )

Learning to roll over
By this age, most babies have learned to roll over in each direction, a milestone that will probably amuse you - and him. Of course, while rolling over is fun for your baby, it could wrack a few nerves for you. Keep a hand on your baby during nappy changes, and never leave him unattended on a bed or any other raised up surface. If you use a changing table, now might be a good time to start putting the changing mat on the floor instead.

Now, Ee Shuen can roll over in both direction - left and right. Compared to last time, she only know how to roll over to her right side. That's why daddy always remind mummy not to put her alone on the bed, not even one second he ordered!

Your little social animal
At this age babies not only tolerate attention from others, they often initiate it. Though you may soon notice the beginnings of stranger anxiety, six-month-olds are still fairly indiscriminate: anyone who approaches your baby with raised eyebrows or a grin delights him and becomes an instant friend. But don't worry - he still needs and craves lots of attention from you.

When she saw aunties during her walk, she'll call them , "! "

Your baby is also learning that his behaviours, both the ones you like and the ones you don't, engage you, so starting now (and for years to come) your child will do just about anything to get your attention. Right now almost everything he does is endearing, but as he gets older, he's more likely to get into mischief to provoke a reaction from you. Just don't forget to lavish attention on him when he meets with your approval.

One thing will become clear: your baby is beginning to vary his attention-getting repertoire beyond crying. So expect him to work hard to get you to notice him by wriggling, making noises, and so on. Over the next three months, he'll develop a uniquely personal way of letting you know what he thinks, wants, and needs.

When she's in her baby cod, nobody bothers about her, she'll make some noise to tell you, " where's everybody? anyone home? ". She woulnd't cry like what she did last time when left unattended.

Playing turn-taking games
Six-month-olds love turn-taking games, especially ones that involve sounds and language. Let your baby be the leader sometimes, and mimic his vocalisations. When it's your turn to lead, a good way to teach your child - and make him laugh at the same time - is to make animal noises ("quack-quack," "bow-wow," and so on).

Your baby the babbler
By six months your baby sees and hears the world almost as well as you do. His communication skills are expanding rapidly, too, including squeals, bubbling sounds, operatic octave changes, and babbling. At this age, about half of all babies babble, repeating one syllable - such as "ba," "ma," "ga," or other consonant-vowel combinations - over and over. A few will even add another syllable or two, making their sounds more complex. You can encourage your baby by babbling right back at him and by making a game of it ("The sheep says, 'baaa,'" or "The goat says, 'maaa,'" and so on), or by listening as if you understand everything he says and find it extremely interesting. Your baby can also recognise different tones and inflections and may cry now, if you speak to him harshly.

Haha, She'll cry when daddy speak loudly.... And when Ah gong speak loudly to Hin Lerk, she'll cry because she thought ah gong scold her.

A guaranteed way to delight your baby is to fill a glass three-quarters full and use a straw to blow bubbles. Both the sound and sight will make him laugh.

Stimulating his senses
Your baby uses all of his senses to explore and learn about his world. Make sure he has lots of safe things around to touch, mouth and manipulate. He'll delight in squishing a soft rubber ball, patting a piece of fake fur, gnawing a chilled teething ring, and hearing a bell sound inside a stuffed animal.

She' having a lot of fun when playing ball! very excited! maybe can be the next DB!

Getting a kick out of story hour
Reading aloud to your child comes into its own now, as he will enjoy looking at bright pictures and having a quiet snuggle on your lap. No matter what your child's age, of course, reading provides an opportunity for cuddling and socialising that both baby and parent can appreciate.

Mummy will read with her after work. She'll stay with mummy till page 10/11 now. Ganbatte baby!

1st time slept through the whole night

Ee Shuen slept from yesterday 9.30pm till 7.30am this morning. She's now slowly changing her habit of waking up during midnight. She enjoys her sleep more, rather than wake up for milk.

T-shirt with shorts

Today Ee Shuen went out with Hin Lerk during dinner time. Usually Mummy will dressed her up with skirt. Today, Ee Shuen wear something different - T-shirt with shorts. See, Ee Shuen is enjoying herself in the stroller...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

smiling face

Mummy! Mummy! Since Daddy is not around, i'll help him to take care of his bolster, hehe!

I'm very happy because this morning i went to Giant with Mummy. I behaved very well, and didn't make noise. That's why mummy praise me when reached home, and give me milk...

It's raining outside now. It's so cooling!

Baby walker

There's some argument whether to let baby sit on baby walker. For Ee Shuen, we let her sit for a while, just for fun, with the presence of adult to prevent she hits anything in the house.


Ee Shuen likes lion very much. Why we say so? Because her little pillow has a lion on top.

Mummy found something from the cupboard that's also having lion... Mummy tied it together with her hand, She likes it too.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Six months old

Ee Shuen is six months old today. ! Half a year has gone since she was born.

How is she now?
She can sit with the support of others.
She loves to play football, especially with daddy.
She will put whatever things that in her hand to her mouth
She will take nap in the morning after her bath and milk, about 9am. And she will take a nap in the afternoon also.
At night, she'll play on her bed for a while, and sleep after awhile. Making less noise now.
She will splash the water when she's taking bath, she just did it today. Making her face wet.
She drinks 5 oz of milk, interval about 3 hours.
Ah Ma started to feed her with some soup from the porridge ( using spoon ), she likes it.
She likes instruments or toys with sound.
She sleeps at about 9.30pm & wake up at about 7am.
She likes to jump ( with the support of us ) , although she still doesn't know how to sit properly
Her saliva always come out 'accidentally'.
She starts to go swimming, and she knows how to kick in the pool.

playing at home

Daddy bought Ee Shuen this music gym before she was born. I think ee Shuen like it very much and Mummy think it's quite useful. Ee Sheuen likes things with music and sound. For this music gym, she likes to use her legs to kick on the board, and there'll be music.

Tonight,as Ah Kong & Ah Ma went for wedding dinner, Mummy & Ee Shuen stayed at home. As usual, she plays with the music gym, then kicking the ball, reading with Mummy and she slept at about 9.30pm after feeding her.

Daddy going to US

This morning, Mummy & Ee Shuen sent Daddy to airport. This is the frist trip daddy going to US after Ee Shuen had born.

Ee Shuen kept quiet all the way to airport, and she behaved very well. Mummy drove her home, and this is the first time she sit alone at the back in her own car seat. She fell asleep when Mummy driving her home.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ee Shuen's first and second time in the pool

As both of us use to be swimmers for our school and varsity, we couldn't wait to introduce our little girl to the swimming pool. So on 23rd June we finally decide to introduce baby ee shuen to the swimming pool, little ee shuen was 5 months 2weeks and 2 days old. It was a beautiful saturday morning, kinda of cloudy with no one else in the pool.

mommy getting little ee shuen into her swimming costume

little ee shuen's pool introduction and some light warm up

of you go... little ee shuen doing laps, starting off with free styles

little ee shuen continue with backstrokes

We had so much fun that we brought her to the pool again the following week.