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Monday, January 22, 2007

How Life has change....

Waking up every 2 hours to baby crying, smell of milk everywhere, spending free time cleaning bottles and breat pump, spending every other hours trying to calm a wailing baby, no more idlylic time reading newspaper, watching tv or surfing the net, no more teh tarik session, every minute away got u thinking how is the baby doing.......

But its all worth it when you are holding and see the baby smiles :) We love you baby girl!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy One Week Birthday

Hello Everyone, yes its my happy one week birthday!!

Baby Girl grandpa and family came to visit from Ipoh

Baby girl's granpa and family from Ipoh came to visit during the weekend. They are also driving granny back from Ipoh to penang to help to take care of mummy and baby girl.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby Girl has finally checked out from Hospital

After spending 3 days and 2 nights at hospital poor baby girl and mummy has checked out from hospital. Her bbrl has dropped to a more comfortable zone, which is 230. Doctor said it will be better if the level drops below 200, and we will need to bring baby girl back for check up on monday. Hopefully by then it would have drop to below 200.

Daddy did some research.... so Baby girl bbrl has dropped to a more comfortable level.

2nd night at the hospital, poor baby girl was moved to a more comfortable phototherapy that has mattress. Baby girl was feeling uncomfortable with the eye cover, her tiny fidgiting hands keep on removing the eye cover which really worries mummy and daddy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baby Girl has been admitted into hospital

Baby Girl has been admitted into the hospital after we sent her for check up. Apparently she is having jaundice, and her bbrl is about 308 :(. Baby girl has to go for intensive phototherapy, which baby girl will have blue light shining at her from top and bottom, sleeping in a platic container without any mattress :(.

Mummy decided to accompany baby girl in the hospital, checking in with baby girl so that mummy can continue giving baby girl mummy's hugs and kisses as well as to continue the breast feeding session.

Baby Girl do get well soon, little cousin brother, grandpa, grandma, granny, aunty, uncle and most importantly Daddy is missing you.............

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Night spent at home and Baby girl showed who is the BOSS!!

You know Daddy's friend have been telling daddy, daddy will have trouble with daddy's mom and mother-in law under the same roof. Daddy will have 2 'government' giving orders :)

But baby girl prove all of them wrong.... Baby girl says I am the boss. And Baby girl show that by starting to cry at about 12am, with 3 ladies (mommy and 2 granny) crowding around baby girl trying to make her stop which she finally decide to say, ok you ladies can go back to sleep at 4am.

And the fun part.... daddy sleep through the whole fiasco. Only heard about it at 6am when daddy gets up to go to work :).

'Hmmm let me take a good nap this afternoon, will show you ladies who is the boss tonight"

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Can get enought of Baby Girl? Below is more

Mummy's first breast feeding. Did not know it was such a tough process, both mummy and baby need to be in synch to make it happen. No milk on the first day. According to the more experience mummy (daddy's sister) milk will only arrives about 2 days after delivery.

The first mini family photo. Ain's she cute.... yeah... baby girl, mummy and granny.

Granpa and granma from Ipoh came to accompany baby girl to check out of hospital.

Welcome HOME!!

Finally She Arrives - Daddy's posting

Finally SHE arrives on January 7th 2007 at 7.11am :) all healthy and pink, weighing at a whopping 3.7kg. Mummy is still recovering from her painful delivery. Mummy will write in details of the sequence of events leading to mummy's delivery on baby girl after she has recovered.

Thanks God for blessing us with a healthy and beautiful baby!!

Daddy was in the delivery room, witnessing the miracle of child of birth... all caught on camcorder. You know we have the 7 WONDER OF THE WORLD.... I have found the 8th wonder.... that is women delivering babies. Witnessing the whole delivering process, daddy salute all the women out there that have gone through natural delivery.

We have a good dinner on the 6th January 2007, that is the night before we checking into hospital.

Delivery room where Baby Girl was delivered.

And hello everyone!! :)

It was a false Alarm and we has a good new year

Yeap... the december 31st meanstrual pain was a false alarm... we had a fun new year.