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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Latest Addition to the family

Twin 1,born at 10am, 2.36kg. Came out crying

Twin 2, born at 10.03am, 2.36kg. Was pretty quiet and sleepy all the time.

The nurses that helps to deliver the twins.....

All the 3 girls are doing fine and resting.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mummy's birthday

We started with steamboat...

Birthday cake from Daddy and ES

Cake cutting ceremony...

ES cheers with Ah gong...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ES at 34 months

These are the few conversations with ES recently:

Daddy tried to tell ES something.
ES: I already know that, how many times you want to tell me...
Daddy: What do you know?
ES: ( she just keep quiet )...

Mummy: If you doesn't sit properly, I'm going to off the TV.
ES: If you switched off the TV, I'll go upstair to sleep.
( Now, she starts to negotiate... )

36 weeks pregnant

Mummy have to rest at home as advised by gynae. Twin 1 is 2262g and twin 2 is 2206g now. Both babies are still breaching. So, have to opt for C-section.

Mummy was in hospital

Mummy was admitted to hospital last Tuesday till Friday, due to contraction ( it comes 5 minutes once with pain ). Dr tried to surpress the contraction by Ventolin drips, too early for delivery ( it's only 35 weeks ). Ee Shuen visited Mummy every night with Daddy.
She was crying at about 4am every morning when Mummy is in hospital. After Mummy come back, she sleeps well every night. Maybe she can't get use to Mummy not around...