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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Zachary's birthday

Ee Shuen attended the first birthday - Zachary's birthday on the 21st October 2007 at Greenlane Mcdonalds. Zachary's party starts at 11.30am.

playing with birthday boy - Zachary!

Zachary's birthday cake

Mummy and Ee Shuen took photo in front of Greenlane Mcdonalds before we left.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mummy!!! (updated)

from..... ee shuen

p/s Sorry I did not buy any present for mummy, I tried to go to Queensbay Mall but i could not get pass the house door, could not reach the key that open our home gate :(. And i heard they don't accept milk as payment.

So as a present replacement, I promise I will be a good girl and I try my best to sleep through the night without waking up in the middle of the night (hopefully my tummy won't rummble too loudly)

ee shuen is so excited over the cake.

tssk tssk what is uncle fu mauh doing back there?

Pre-birthday celebration in Ipoh!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Ee Shuen did in Ipoh

When she listens to karaoke ( Gong gong & Po po's favourite - of course children songs for her ), she claps her hand continuously.

She brought her toys back to Ipoh... ( Papa & Mama afraid that she's bored in Ipoh, haha! )

She sits on the small size rottan chair, which belongs to Mummy and Yi Yi last time. Think it's more than 15 yeards old!

Daddy carry her like this in the restaurant. Most of the time, her face looks worried because of the height. But this time she was alright, because Daddy took her to see fishes in the restaurant!

p/s : Ee Shuen is 9 months 1 week now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back from KL

Mummy went to KL for 3-days meeting, and noticed a few changes on Ee Shuen when back yesterday.
She sit quietly and listen to mummy telling her stories now, compared to last time she will try to grab the book and bite it.
She did't simply cry, I think she's not feeling well last week, that's why she keep on making noise.
She will play with all the toys, and can stay in her play area for up to one hour or more.
She didn't sleep yesterday night till Mummy back from KL. She smile when she saw Mummy. I can feel it from the bottom of my heart that her smile is so happy that she saw Mummy is back from KL already!

Penang International Lantern Festival

On the way back from Cameron Highlands last 3 weeks, we went to Auto City for our dinner. Along the way when we drove into Auto City, we saw a lot of lanterns along thr main road. After our dinner, we walk towards the entrance for Penang International Lantern Festival.

We didn't go in because there's so many people!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

OWMD: Our Weapons of Mass Destruction

Our weapons of mass destruction is back online after a week of rest. She confirmed that she has full recovered by starting her destruction trail around the TV cabinet.

Guilty as charged, but still give daddy the 'What are you looking at??' Look!!

Continuing her trail of destruction beside the tv cabinet

Looking for her next target

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fever, cough & running nose

Ee Sheun went for her 2nd pneumococcal injection last Monday, 24th September 2007. Although we were told by our paediatrician that there might be a risk for getting fever within 24 hours, we were quite lucky that she's alright on the first night.

On Thursday, she started to have mild fever.

On Friday & Saturday night, she started to wake up many times at night. Still have fever. we try to give her paracetamol that we get from doctor beginning of this month, where she had mild fever when mummy was away to KL.

On Saturday night, she starts to cough. Cough but not much phlegm.

Poor little Ee Shuen waiting to see doctor, 8 more patients to go!

On Sunday morning, we brought her to see doctor because she still having fever. Had been given neurofen & medicing for cough, to be taken symptomatically. On that night, she didn't sleep well, I think it's because she has running nose also now.

On Monday afternoon, she vomitted. Oh dear! what happened to her?! She has bad running nose & vomit twice during midnight again. Cough with phlegm. Pity little Ee Shuen!

We took leave on Tuesday to take care of her. We took her to see a paediatrician. She prescirbed her paracetamol, rhinathiol, Illadin ( nasal drop ) and ZITHROMAX ( antibiotic, for 3 days ). Daddy always resist to start on antibiotic to baby. We get a 2nd opinion. Doctor explained to us that if it's a viral infection, it will go off very fast, normally 3 to 5 days. But if it's caused by bacteria, the symptom like fever will continue after even one week, then only consider of starting on antibiotic. This is because Ee Sheun still using her own antibody to fight back. With that, it can build up her immune system also.

Wednesday, Mummy took leave to take care of her. Still had mild feveer in the morning. Coughing and running nose. Night time, fever again, about 38.5 celsius. Mummy's colleague was wondering why Ee Sheun will get sick although Mummy breastfed her last time. Mummy & Daddy would like to wait for one more day before start her on antibiotic. Give Ee Shuen a chance!

Thursday, 4th October, no fever for the whole day. And now she can screamed, paly and crawl around the house. Yippy! Ee Shuen won the battle! However, still a bit if running nose & cough.

I think we'll change the paediatrician that we're seeing now, we had concluded that she had been giving too 'potent' medication to Ee Shuen!