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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With Popo & Auntie Su Xuan at home

Ah Ma & Ah Gong went for vacation. Therefore we need somebody to take care of Ee Shuen. Had made appointment with Popo last month, to look after our little Ee Shuen for 2 days.
To my surprise, Ee Shuen was very well behaved - didn't demand for watching "' Barney", didn't ask for going out for a walk. Just stay at home for the whole day! And she keep on asking Auntie Su Xuan to draw " Lion " on her drawing board.
Thanks for Popo & Auntie Su Xuan for spending their " holiday " in Penang!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another weekend pass... celebrating great grandpa's birthday

It was a fun and relaxing weekend. Started off with celebrating ee shuens great grandpa, ah ma's dad's, birthday. All the grand aunties, grand uncles, little aunty, little uncle and cousins were there. We refer to my mom's youngest sister, son and daughter (5 and 7) as ee shuen's little uncle and little aunty :). The boy is very proud to be called little uncle, but little aunty prefered to be just refered to as che che.

you can noticed while all eyes are on great grandpa and grandma's cake cutting, ee shuen were bz admiring her little uncle and little aunty. She must be thinking, when will I be as tall as them :)

And then on a sunday afternoon we took ee shuen down to the apartment's pool for her swimming lesson. Of course this time ee shuen decided to bring her 'pom pom' duck along, and with new swim suit by Popo ( present for Ee Shuen during Popo's Singapore trip ).

Let do my warm up by running around the pool.

The moment at the pool was when ee shuen was walking in the baby pool, and slip going head down into the pool. Mummy had to do the baywatch, of course without the red bikini, to rescue her. She took a couple mouthful of pool water... however to our surprise she did not cry or wail.... but just continue playing like the incident never happen. We wonder if we had not rescued her, maybe she would have learnt how to float and swim :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Abolist ISA Candle Light Vigil

We were there again last friday, to lend our moral support to the detainee and the movement. Some good and festival like activities there, sending raya card to the detainee at Kamunting (which we have already did, we actually sent 2), t-shirt and badge selling, singing, speeches and history lesson on ISA from Dr. Francis of aliran. Of course we met many friends from work and church, celebrarity bloggers and many more.

We will try to be there again this coming friday. If you happen to see us there, please do come and say hi :).

The young activist holding her candle up high

spotted ee shuen and suyin at anilnetto's blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poor Girl... :(

ee shuen woke up 3 times last night crying, asking to go to our room, usually when mummy is away, she sleeps with ah ma. She must be missing her mummy terriblely.

We also notice she is pretty 'degil', when mummy call back, she refuse to call mummy over the phone, we have to coax her pretty hard before getting her to squek out a soft mummy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We hope and pray that all will be well of this young man

Apparaently Wee Meng Chee has been summoned to Bukit Aman. We pray and hope that all will be ok and well for this creative young man.

Read here.

Our Very own Victoria 'Ong' Beckham

Our Very own victoria 'Ong' Beckham doing the cat walk.

btw mummy will be in KL from sunday (today) till thursday, will again be the 4 of us at home, daddy, ah mah, ah kong and of course our baby ee shuen.

Oh yeah... mummy coming back this thursday just in time for the candle light vigil this friday in front of dewan sri pinang at 9.30pm. See you there.

Also check out the huge banner at Holy Spirit Church.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sending Raya card this year

Mat Sah Bin Mohd Satray,
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34009 Kamunting,

Not too sure what he done to deserve to be detained without trial for almost 7 years. Must be horrible to be away from your kids and family for such a long time.
Read here , here and finally here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mummy : What do you see in the zoo?
ES : Elephant.... Monkey....

Mummy : What do you see at the beach?
ES : Horse.... Snake ( ee shuen saw two horses & snake show near the beach during last Saturday )

Mummy : Daddy went to the market. What does Daddy buy in the market?
ES : Fish... Papaya

Ee Shuen at 20 months...

Ee Shuen is 20 months old now...

Some observation about her :
(1) Know how to wear her shoes now, sometimes might wear wrongly.

(2) Always try to follow the lyrics if she heard children songs e.g.: Do Re Mi, Happy Birthday to you, Five Hundred Miles, Old McDonald had a farm, even the patriotic songs from TV...

(3) Still taking porridge, plus rice sometimes...

(4) Doesn't want to say " bye bye " to Mummy when Mummy is going to work.

(5) Sleep through the night. Only wake up at 6 or 7am for milk.

(6) Favourite movie - anything related to Barney!

(7) like to climb up to the chairs. Always need to remind her not to do that!

(8) always " sayang " cousin Hin Yuan. She will called him " Ah Yuan ".

(9) can remember some spots that we always visit, like Cousin's house, Jusco...

Candle Light Vigil at Dewan Sri Pinang!!

Today, Mid Autumm Festival, is supposed to be a day celebrated with family, eating mooncake, drinking chinese tea with the children running around holding their tanglung.

However we did not do any of those, instead we had short visit to a neighbouring house, who were doing a house warming, and drove to Dewan Sri Pinang to lend a moral support to the candle light vigil for the release of the ISA detainee.
Don't think Ee Shuen understand what is going on around her, she was more interested in the candle mummy was holding. However we appreciated that she was in her best behavior, sticking close to us and holding to our leg when we put her down.

The crowd in front of the main entrance of Dewan Sri Pinang.

The banner 'Mansuhkan ISA'

And one final pose in front of the camera before the event end.

oh yeah... Miss Tan Hoon Cheng from sin chew was there. Glad that we finally saw her in real person. Keep up the good reporting!! We appreciate it!!

Overall the event was peaceful, we saw police personel walking around, again we do not think ee shuen know what is happening, but we were glad to expose her to the peaceful demonstration. There were singing, speeches (P. Ramasamy, Chow Kon Yew, Aliran), met some familiar faces from church, work, friends and bloggers. Like 5xMom said, Yeah its a fun event, even for a family :)

New house...Beach...Chilli's - what a wonderful weekend

Yesterday was an interesting day for us...

Good news #1
In the morning, after breakfast, as we pass the developer's office of our new place, we decide to drop by. To our surprise, the lady told us that we can get our new house's key already.

Good news #2
In the afternoon, ~4pm, we took Ee Shuen to sin chew office to lend our moral support, and to our surprise no one was there (later in the night, we only found out that she was already released sometime ~2pm).

Good news #3
So off we go to Batu ferringi to give ee shuen another dose of beach, without her beach accesories, due to the last minute change of plan (from sin chew's office at Macalister Rd off we go to Batu Ferringi)
To our surprise there was a snake show by the Mr. Snake Expert by the hotel's pool
Ee shuen's first encounter with the serpent

Posing by the beach

And that is how the sea water wash up the shore.......

err Ee Shuen... titanic pose is suppose to be done on a ship out in the sea, not the beach by the sea

Ee Shuen getting all excited with horses roaming around. A walk around the beach on the cost rm40, guess we will just continue look at it.

ohh there is the horses

NO MORE CHILLI's next time..... food is lousy. ee shuen fell asleep as we were arriving Gurney plaza, sleep halfway through dinner on her stroller, walking up in a jolt, not knowing where she were. Lucky mummy was right in front to comfort her.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Please stay calm, pray for the detainee and our country!!

Everyday we read and listen to the news about BN leaders ranting away, they need to change and reform BN and their component party and then suddenly??

Guess nothing has changed.

Who's birthday?

Ee Shuen & Hin Lerk were so excited when they saw a cake on the table on 11th Sept. Who's birthday? They always try to stand in front of the birthday cake no matter who's birthday...Trying to blow the candles also...

Actualy it's not their birthday... It's Gu Zhang's birthday!

Wishing everyone a Happy Mid Autumm Festival!!

From all of us!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lunch at Autocity when back from Ipoh

Umbrella vs Papaya

Mummy : Ee Shuen, what is this? ( Mummy pointing at an umbrella )

Ee Shuen : Papaya

Mummy : No... It's umbrella

Ee Shuen : Um...brella....

After awhile,
Ee Shuen : Papaya! haha!

On the way back to Penang

We went back to Ipoh during Merdeka weekend. On the way back to Penang, we drove into Nibong Tebal. Little auntie didn't go back to Ipoh this week. She was busy with her uni's activities. We brought her some home cooked dishes from Popo & mooncake. It was raining when we left Nibong Tebal.

On the way back to Penang Island, we stopped by AutoCity for lunch. Daddy took some nice photos of ee Shuen.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Day

What does Ee Shuen did during Merdeka Day this year?
First thing in the morning, after her breakfast, she followed Gong gong to playground. Playground is one of her favourite place to visit!

During breakfast time, we mentioned to Ee Shuen if she wants to look for monkey. She replied, " ng " ( means wanted to go! )
She will remembered what we had told her...
So, since we had mentioned to her to take her to look for monkey, we have to do so. If not, she will keep on asking.
Here we go, to Kledang Hill...

Oh! Ee Shuen saw some monkeys in Kledang Hill! So many monkeys...

Ee Shuen feel sad when we wanted to leave...

Since today is the first day of eighth month in lunar calendar, Popo and Mummy light up some lanterns to show Ee Shuen during Merdeka night.