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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cameron Highlands ( Day 2 )

Ee Shuen woke up at about 7am the next morning. Everybody woke up by her "alarm". Since outside is still cold, she wore a knitted sweater when she was in the balcony ( Mummy used to wear this last time ).

After our breakfast, we decided to visit Sg Palas Plantation. As mummy can remembered, the last trip that i went to tea plantation is during my primary school days. The plantation is accessible from a small road turn a few kilometres north of Brinchang town. The road leading to the plantation village and Boh Tea Centre is indeed very narrow and winded that you will need to generously use your car honking signal to indicate that your vehicle is approaching. If that is not enough, there are portions of the road that can only fit one car at one time, so if your timing is not right, either one of you will need to reverse your car to let the others pass through.

We saw beautiful lanscape where tea trees are grown in the hills in rows.

It was really relaxing when we sit down at the Tea Shop sipping tea, while enjoying the beautiful scenary in a cooling environment. However, our baby Ee Shuen take her nap again when we reached the plantation. She woke up when we arrived the Tea Shop. Managed to snap some photos with her!

We took a family photo in front of the resort before we left. Hope we'll have more family trips to come! Yippy!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1st vacation - Cameron Highlands ( Day 1 )

Ee Shuen went for her first vacation last Saturday. We brought her to Cameron Highlands. At first, we thought of bringing her to Langkawi, she'll have to take ferry there. After consideration, we brought her to somewhere more cooling - Cameron Highlands. She slept all the way from Penang to Sungai Perak, woke up for porridge and pang sai. Then continue to sleep from Sungai Perak to Simpang Pulai. After taking six oz of milk, she slept all the way till Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. Gong gong, Po po, yi yi, sam yi, sai yi, Daddy, Mummy & ee Shuen went for this family trip. We need to travel with two cars now as our family had grown bigger compared to last 2 years.

After taking lunch in Tanah Rata, we checked in to Perak Suite, Century Pine Resort.

After a long drive, we decided to take a rest in the hotel. We were so comfortable in the hotel till we didn't want to come out.

Ee Shuen looks like a boy in the picture. When we are in Sg Perak rest area, we saw one couple with thier baby, asked mummy whether Ee Shuen is " Di di, or Ko ko? "

At about 4pm, we decided to go out for a walk. We saw a signage showing Taman Agro Tourism at Brinchang. We decided to went in to have a look since we do not have any special interest in any particular tourist spots. Ee Shuen had fall asleep when we reached there. We just have a quick walk to check out what is it inside.

There's agro farm.... with a lot of different agro vegetables....

There's agro strawberries. If you want to pluck strawberries from the farm, it cost RM30 per kilograms.

Finally, baby Ee Shuen woke up when we about to leave this place. She took a photo with everybody, except Daddy the cameraman.

We went for steamboat dinner after that in OK Tuck restaurant Brinchang. According to one of the nurse ( Mummy travel to Cameron Highlands every month last time ), local people normally go to this shop.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm 8 months old now!

All around the house

Ee Shuen knows how to crawl last month. Within a month, her "skill" improved. She can crawl very fast now. She crawl around the house, from front door to the bedroom, under the dining table, balcony, kitchen..... You can see her everywhere!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thomas the tank engine

Daddy bought this train to Ee Shuen when he went to US in July this year. There's two diffrent sound when you pull the string that attached to the train - Thomas the tank engine's theme song & the sound of train ( to too... )
Ee Shuen loves to play with it, something that she love most about the train is she likes to put the string into her mouth( we have to warn her everytime not to do so )!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

playing with mickey mouse

stand up

Ee Shuen knows how to stand up with support now. She'll stand up with holding the baby cod, looking at the entrance of the bedroom, calling for us when no one attend to her.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

stand up with support & say mama

Mummy went to KL for meeting for 3 days, really tiring! But when Mummy back home, found out that Ee Shuen knows how to hold the side of the baby cod, and stand up. Wow, things really changing fast and she'll learn new things within few days.
Daddy told mummy on Wednesday that Ee Shuen woke up at 3am, after drank her milk, she didn't sleep. Woke up till 5am and keep on saying, " mama, mama." Pity little ee Shuen, she didn't see mama feed her during midnight, looking for mummy. ( p/s: Mummy also not sleep yet that night, preparing for presentation till 3.30am, going KL is not something that enjoying, is really tiring! )