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Friday, January 25, 2008

New words

Ee Shuen knows some new words lately:
(1) mai.. mai ( Don't want in Hokkien )
(2) bed ( everything also she says bed, e.g.: her pillow, toys )
(3) baby ( she likes to read her own scrap book )
(4) bye bye

Friday, January 18, 2008

News of the week

1. Ee Shuen is now able to drink milk on her own. Even if we hold when she takes her milk, she will insist in holding her own bottle.

2. Ee Shuen has been able to stand up for sometime, however tonight she took her first 2 steps. Daddy, ah ma and ah kong were there to witness the event, clapping our hands

3. Ee Shuen had her 12months ejection on monday, poor girl, crying as daddy held on to her while the nurse at the Air Itam klinik kesihatan administered the injection. Cousin Hin Lerk was there to witness the event.

4. Mummy will back from Sabah tomorrow. Yippy!!!

These are the scenary from the hotel's balcony where Mummy stayed in Sutera Harbour. So busy of with the meeting schedule, just managed to snap two photos there!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mummy was in KL from January 6th till 11

Poor mummy has to go to KL for her work from jan 6th till 11th. It is only daddy, ah ma and ah kong taking care of ee shuen. Generally ee shuen behave very well, but at times at night you can see her looking around, apparently looking for something, daddy thinks she must be looking for mummy. Sometimes she will just crawly quickly from the living room to the computer room.

Ee shuen usually wakes up one time every night to have her milk, usually mummy will carry her, daddy will make her milk and then mummy will feed her. However this few nights when mummy is away, daddy tried to feed her, but she just keep crying, daddy thinks poor ee shuen must be thinking why mummy is not feeding her :(. Even after ah ma fed her (normally she will just go to sleep quietly after her drink), but this time she just kept crying. Poor girl!!

Anyway that was the first night, subsequent nights was better. Next week Mummy will have to go to Sabah again this sumday for 7 days :(. Hopefully ee shuen will not forget mummy when mummy come back.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee Shuen!

Ee Shuen celebrate her one year old birthday at home on the 5th January 2008. Popo, Gong gong, all Ah Yi drive all the way from Ipoh for her birthday celebration.

We noticed she likes Mickey & Minnie Mouse a lot. Therefore, we buy her a cake with Minnie Mouse design.

Ee Shuen received a lot of presents - Ang Pau from Gong gong & Popo, toys from Ah Mah & Ah gong, Gugu & Gu zang, Ah Lerk, dress from Ah yi, Elmo and Shoes ( Ee Sheun's first pair of shoes ) from Mummy & Daddy.

Daddy had did some decoration also at home!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Complicated but its all JOY!!

Happy Birthday Ee Shuen!!

* Turn up the speaker!!