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Thursday, December 27, 2012

LC the caterpillar

Ah ma discovered a caterpillar in one of her plants during ES's school holiday. ES wanted to provide a home for the caterpillar. We put it in a box. She also put a small box in it - she said it is for LC to rest in there. And the girls also put some grasses for LC, for it's breakfast and lunch. However, LC does not like it. It still prefer the leaves from the " flower of wealth".
LC on the first day...
ES put a musical toy for LC.
LC is quite a big eater... It ate 5 pieces of leaves on the first day. It grows very fast. 
She made a christmas tree for LC too.
It crawled out from the box on the first night. And we found LC at the front door. It happened again on the second night.So,  Ah gong decided to let it back to it's home.
When ES woke up in the morning, she found out LC was not around. She was so sad. TO comfort her, we told her that LC had turned to a beautiful butterfly.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making a pyramid and house with gummy candies

ES brought back a packet of gummy candies and toothpicks when she attended science camp on the first week of December.
She wanted to show me how to make a pyramid with gummy candies and toothpicks.

Here we are - the pyramid!
Next, she wanted to show me how to make a house...



Here we are - a house made from gummy candies and toothpicks.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making christmas cookies

We baked two type of christmas cookies this year - classic sugar cookies and chocolate cookies and decorated it with royal icing.
Look, MS is having fun decorating her gingerbread man with the help from mummy.
ES and HL were busy decorating their cookies too...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A great combination - Park and Dim Sum

We went to D R Seenivasgam Park on Saturday morning. Gong gong and popo used to brought us there when we were kids. This is the pond were they used to rear fishes. However, we did not able to spot any fishes during our visit, only managed to see a few small turtles.
This is the favourite spot where the girls spent their morning - A big playground. They told me this is their ship.


After playtime, Sanyibrought us  to Foh San for Dim Sum. The girls wanted their favourite char siew pau.

They like the fish ball too.

Chau kueh

MS enjoying her pau with ah yi
LS was busy with her porridge.

And ES, like mummy..... love Dim Sum so much.

Back to Ipoh

Daddy was away for business trip for two weeks, from the 1st of December to the middle of December. We drove back to Ipoh with gong gong and popo. They had their karaoke session again. They learnt some new songs including " Jesus loves me that I know ". 

We had a chance to visit the new AEON at Station 18 during our stay. The shopping mall was filled with Christmas decoration, we can really feel the Christmas atmosphere.

LS, ES & MS.

Popo  with the girls.

They saw a " truck" in the grocery section. They were very excited and sat on it to snap a photo. Behind the truck is the place where they sell all the candies, mashmallows...

The girls happily wearing Christmas hat presented by popo.

Before we leave, we saw a community library in the shopping mall by 1 Malaysia. First time seeing a public library in a mall.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Having fun with lego

This morning, MSLS was trying to build something with lego. At first, i overheard they wanted to make an aeroplane, but later they said it looks more like a ship, haha!

LS: Where do you want to put this uncle?

MS: right here!

Here are their final product - the ship!

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's time to put up our christmas tree

LS trying to put up the christmas tree
When we went out for dinner yesterday, was having a conversation with ah ma and she reminded me that we have a christmas tree in our storeroom. I had almost forgotten about it.
After breakfast this morning, took out the christmas tree and I asked the girls to help to put up this year's christmas tree. Usually, this will be incharge by daddy. However, daddy is in the US for work at the moment. So, we decided to assemble it by ourselves and everybody was having a great and fun time. We have a tall Christmas tree this year, more than 6 feet high, taller than the one that we have last year. However, we missed the smell of a real and fresh christmas tree this year...

MS wanted to help up too.

MS: tata..... I got a star and a reindeer. ( she told me every christmas tree should have a star on top. When she passed by a christmas tree at a shopping centre lately, she saw a christmas tree that is without a star on top of the tree, and she told me that it is not nice , haha )

LS: I got a santa claus and a sock too... ( she tried to wear the sock and she commented it was too small for her. This should be for babies, haha )

HL who was with us this morning trying to put up the christmas tree too....

Half way through, MSLS sat in the box which we used to keep the christmas tree, having fun there!

LS putting some ornaments on the christmas tree.
When ES came back from school, she took a photo in front of the christmas tree, together with the aeroplane she made today ( from science camp ).

Here we are, with our christmas tree this year...