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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Running nose & Cough AGAIN!

ES started to have running nose & cough again since last Saturday...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Outing

Valentine day has never been the same again with the arrival of our daughter. It is now the 3 of us celebrating our valentine :). This time we decided to have a romantic breakfast at one of the beaches at balik pulau (we still have not figure the name of the beach).

Breakfast consist of porridge for ee shuen, nescafe, bread and nasi lemak bought a long the way for daddy and mummy. After breakfast we had some fun collecting sea shells. Ee Shuen is still not too comfortable with the beach, occasionally she would still freak out with the sand all over her feet. We have to assure her time and time again it is ok.

Overall a fun filled + romantic but in-expensive valentine day for us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Mummy went outstation last two days. Reached Pg quite late. Before I reached home, Ah Ma put little ES to sleep.

Inside ES's bedroom,
ES: Ah Ma, pls don't sleep here. Mummy will come back later. She'll sleep here.

As Mummy is outstation again tonight...Just wonder did she said that again...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ES's little garden

These are some flowers found in our house.
Top left ( clockwise ): crysanthynum, flowers planted by ah ma, flower before formation of ladies finger, another flower planted by ah ma

ES's new pose!

After breakfast, we went to fishermen's village. We intend to buy some fishes. However, fishermen will only be back in the afternoon. There is one Hakka fisherman recommend us to go to the nearby beach, about 2km away from the village. Nice beach according to him!

Here we come! Picking up some sea shells on the beach!

What ES did with the sea shells? She used it as decoration in her small little garden.

BBQ with Papa & Mummy's colleagues

We invited Papa & Mummy's colleagues to our hosue yesterday for BBQ. ES met some friends also, eg: Jeremy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our small vegetable patch

We suppose everyone have heard, seen and eaten organic vegetables. It sopposed to be good for you, as it is insecticide free, non-toxic fertilize, so on and so forth.

So when we moved into our new home, we had reserve a small area behind our house to plant some vegetable, and that is organic vegetables.

our very own chilli padi, tree bought from the pasar tani nearby. cost us rm6.50. with some water and lots of sunshine we are sure we would be able to recoup our money soon.

our lady finger plant has begin to bear fruits. surprisingly relatively easy to plant. Just took 1.5months for the plant to grow from seed to bear fruits.

ah ma doing our first organic lady finger harvest :). It was one huge lady finger....

So how do we claim that our vegetables are organic? First the water is from our pipe water and rain, sunshine is from of course our dear sun, we did not put any pesticide..... hmm fertilizer? of course you need fertilizer, if not how can you get that HUGE lady finger?

So fertilizer........ we got it daily from our little helper below. She delivered it to us almost daily in her red potty.
now that is one yummy lady finger!!!

Sad sad sad day

We wept for the people of Perak and Malaysians.

Protest and tear gas rock royal city
Feb 6, 09 2:36pm
Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) fires several rounds of tear gas as more than 3,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters converge for a protest march at the Ubudiah mosque - about 1km from Iskandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar.


Congrats to new MB, to the 4 ADUN that made it happen and the all those who conspire for it. Well done!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

History will be your judge!!

Totally agree with what Khoo Kay Peng wrote in his blog.

To the four of them and all the folks that support it, 'History will be your judge. We must record this incident and put it up as one of the darkest hours of Malaysian history.' But I guess, you will just not give a damn about it!!

What a shame!!!

You have let your people down!! Shame on YOU!!! You are the worst of the worst!!! SHAME ON YOU!!

Personally I think this whole issue will just make BN look worst.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

diapers free

Ee Shuen is almost diapers free now. She no longer wear any diapers during the day time at home. We still put her diapers on when we go out and at night when she go to sleep.

The painful part of getting her to diapers free during the day time started many months back. Although she was not fully potty trained yet during that time, we did not let her wear diapers, of course it takes a lot of commitment from ah ma during the weekday and mummy during the weekend as there were a lot of cleaning up needed :) and of couse she finnally learnt through the hard way after wetting her self time and time again.

Turn off the lights

At one time ee shuen would want us to turn off the lights when she goes to sleep but since cny she has different request.

mummy - mummy turn off lights yah.. ee shuen oh oh
es - mai mai, turn on lights, turn on lights
mummy - why, ee shuen oh oh turn off light mar...
es - turn off lights cannot see mummy!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New bicycle

Popo bought ES a new bicycle during CNY. She choose the bicycle by herself in the baby shop. Seems like this little girl can made her own decision now!

What a busy CNY

ES and mummy went back to Ipoh for a long holiday during CNY, almost one week. What we did was stayed at home with ah yi & gong gong, popo; Visit mummy's relatives; and this time we managed to have time to visit mummy's friends, and of course ES have the chance to meet her friends too...
We met with Foong auntie, Lee Ching auntie & Kan auntie. All of them brought along their children. We gathered at Foong auntie's house. This is Xiao Wei Wei ( Foong auntie's daughter ) together with ES.

Daddy drove to Ipoh again on Friday.. We had our dinner & low sang all the way from Penang.

Ah Mah's relatives came to our house and we had steamboat & BBQ on Saturday night. All children were in the playroom, busy playing masak masak, and of course fighting begin inside the room...