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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Boxing day we had!!

It all with started with attending mass and children's christmas party!!

ES taking group photo with Father Martin and the rest of the children. The twins, mummy and grandma has already gone home. Kinda of hard with the twins around to attend the party, they were already restless after mass.

ES first musical chair game. She was the first one out :( , almost in tears. Her friend Emilia was the second out.

Later grandma's youngest sis, came to visit from KL. ES favourite person, her little aunty was here. We brought them to the organic and goat farm in balik pulau. Penang's very own U-Pick, pick your own vege, chai sing, kai-lan and etc.

ES with her favourite fren aka little aunty enjoying the swing at the farm.

The twins with mummy on the swing.

The girls paying the goat a visit. Where is the milk?

We did not let the twins in as we could hear the goat meeek-sneezing away... just a pre-cautions.

After the visit we went for thai dinner at Genting. Magnificient view, although the drive up the hill was pretty scary. Another thing to note is the place was swarm by mosquito. Mental note to bring mosquito coil along next time.

Magnificient view from where we sat!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

MSLS at 14 months old

May Shuen @ 14 months old

Li Shuen @ 14 months old

  • MS likes to eat....she likes to eat everything - fruits, porridge, bread, biscuits. Wheareas LS will tend to be more choosy than MS. LS likes to eat bread rather than fruits during breakfast time
  • MS had been waking 2 to 3 times for the last few nights
  • They will sleep at around 8pm and wake up at 6am
  • They can say " na" ( take ), " ng ng" ( pass motion ), papa, mama, ah ma, jie jie ( sister ), " mam mam" ( food ), popo
  • They will wave their hands when we are leaving our house to work & say " ah......." ( means bye bye )
  • They will wake you up early in the morning, as early as 5 something when they want to pass motion
  • They can sit on the pots to pass motion
  • LS can walk steadily, but still will fall dowm sometimes... MS still trying to learn how to walk
  • When they wanted to climb up the staircase, they will turn to us, see if they are allowed to climb out.

Christmas Eve

Baby Jesus homemade birthday cake by Mummy and ES helped in the decoration!

The three angels with all the presents...

ES opening her present, by Lerk family.

Yippy! playing with the new toy! Comb and hair dryer, supposed for the doll.

HIn Yuan with his present...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Biscuits or bread?

Every morning, Mummy will asked ES if she wants to bring biscuits or bread to school...

If there are biscuits, she will definitely preferred biscuits than bread.

There was one day, i brought her Bananas bread and cookies. She changed the label for " morning tea break" ( supposingly i brought banana bread ) to "afternoon tea break" as she wanted to eat cookies first during her morning tea break.

Teacher had feedback to me of not to bring bananas bread for ES during afternoon tea break, as the bananas will turned to black colour. Then I only noticed that she had changes the label herself!

Getting ready to go out!

Getting ready to go out!
And getting ready to wear shoes!
They can walk now, but need to hold their hands...

Varieties of Muffins

Baked some Apple Muffins & Chocolate raisin muffins yesterday night for the little friends at Bagan Ajam orphanage Bagan Ajam

Banana & almond muffins

Straits Quay

Went to Straits Quay on last Tuesday. This is the second attempt we plan to go there. We wanted to bring ESMSLS to see the huge Christmas tree last weekend. However, we was stucked in the jam at balik pulau and payu terubong, and we are still at payu terubong at about 6pm. We decided to turn back and go there another day.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Had tried this more than 12 years back in Hiroshima. Had also made this for ah yi n grandparents in ipoh previously. With the busy schedule everyday, had almost forgotten about this oishii japanese pizza.

Had searched the recipe online and made it for Sunday dinner. Everybody especially Ee Shuen loves it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kaya puff

This is the homemade kaya puff by popo. She gave some to the coffee shop's tauke when she was having breakfast in one of the coffee shops. After tasted this, the tauke asked her to open a stall in her shop.... Haha, this is the traditional type of kaya puff ( the shape is slightly different from what we usually have, must be from Popo's father's time - who is a coffee shop's owner, and selling all the home made pau , kaya and etc )

Daily bread

sandwich loaf ( without eggs and butter )

Every morning, MSLS will sit with us on their highchair and have their fruits. at first, they were satisfied with just a slice of apple, after they tasted fruits which are softer like papaya, oranges, they start to reject apple in the morning. Especially LS, she will shake her head, or throw the apple.

Now, if they saw some breads on the table, they will even reject oranges or papaya, they will go for bread and ask for more. During the recent trip back to Ipoh, in order to made them stay quiet, i feed them with homemade buns and ESMSLS were so happy and enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too much attention to MSLS?

This morning, ES hold Ah Ma's hand and ask her to stay with her in her bedroom, and do not attend to mei mei.

She told Ah Ma," Ah Ma, why you all always take care of mei mei? nobody take care of me..."
I think she needs more attention...