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Monday, March 23, 2009

Washing clothes with Mummy

Guess what is ES's favourite when she wake up?

If mummy is washing clothes, she'll voluntary come into Mummy's toilet & start taking the brush, helping Mummy to wash clothes...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exploring Sentosa Island...

Here we go... To take a train to Sentosa Island

At the MRT station...

In the cable car...

Nice scenary from cable car

Finally we reached Sentosa Island. The first stop is Underwater World

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We were leaving on the jet plane on our second honeymoon!!

We were leaving on the jet plane on our second honeymoon!! This time with a little guest weighing about 13.1KG according to our check in counter weighing machine.
oh yes, our little girl is within the approved weight :)

Our trip is partially sponsored by SIA, with daddy krisflyer point. Of course we would like state here as well even with our krisflyer point which we could exchange for 3 flight tickets to singapore, the airport tax and what not, cost us to ~rm1K..... this is definetely coporate daylight robbery....

Ee Shuen had a seat all by herself. We were quite worry initially if ES would cry in the plane, scare of the noise and commotion during the take off or her ear would hurt due to the change in pressure, but of course none of it materialize. She was in her best behavior. She was all excited with the seat, the tray and the pretty che che that gave toys and nice fruits to eat.
One to notice from the pic is her window shade was down. We were half expecting her to love looking out the window at the clouds and sky, but she kept on asking us to pull down the shade. Perhaps she is afraid of height... just like mummy...

and finally arriving at our hotel, after changing the MRT twice from the airpor... We could not resist taking our usual 3 of us hotel photo.

during our first honeymoon in phuket we came back 2 weeks later to find out we were going to get a new member in the family.... and history do repeat itself.....

How is ES at 26 months?

She is 13 kg now.

ES always asked, " Why there are a lot of cars in front of us?" "Why Mummy haven't come back?" A lot of WHY...

She'll always asked, " What is this?" " What are you doing?"

She knows the lyrics for some Mandarin & English song.

She still drink 7 oz of milk - Mamil Gold

She doesn't like to walk bare foot on the beach.

She will wake up at about 6-7am everyday and sleep at about 9-10pm. Sometimes before sleep, she'll sing songs & talking before go to sleep.

She will take nap once in the afternoon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our trip to Singapore

ES, Daddy & Mummy went to Singapore for a 3D2N trip. Here we go at Penang Airport! Mummy was so happy this round as ES was around when taking flight. Normally, Mummy have to be alone during working trip...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mummy was in Langkawi from last friday to sunday

Ee shuen slept with daddy on the first night, waking up at about 7am on saturday morning, crying away asking for mummy. Daddy had to tell her again and again, mummy is away at work will be back tomorrow. On the sunday morning, she slept with ah ma, again she woke up at about 7am, asking for mummy, but this time it is much easier to console her, as ah ma told her mummy will be coming back in the afternoon.

We are suspending The Star from our home!!

Yes... we are suspending The Star from our home. The printed version will be forbidden from entering our home for the next 18months. An independant council consisting for ah kong, ah ma, mummy and ee shuen will be summoning its editor wong chun wai to give his side of the story....

Read this from 5x mom.