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Friday, August 24, 2007

What Ee Shuen did last Saturday

Early in the morning, Daddy brought Ee Shuen to swim.

Later, after taking her bath, Mummy gave her some porridge ( with brocolli and pumpkin ). See, she looks like a big girl when she put her clip on her hair. After taking nap, she played with her toys. She can sit now, but not so stabil yet, sometimes she can fall down to one side.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mummy is in outstation - Alor Star

Mummy is working in Alor Star today and tomorrow. Called Daddy at 10pm just now, Ee Shuen do not want to sleep. For the past few days, she's sleeping late, at about 10pm or more. Daddy said Ee Shuen had cut her hair. Wow, can't wait to see her new hair style.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Showing signs of being a bookworms

at 7 months++ ee shuen is showing signs of being a book worms.

boy... she sure look as she is having some serious reading....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

wake up at midnight

Ee Shuen starts to wake up again these few days at about 3-4am. Mummy thought can enjoy a good sleep as she didn't really wake up for the past few weeks. She wakes up again during midnight for milk. Hope she can go back to her previous habit, sleep at 9pm plus and wake up at about 6-7am!

Bye bye

Ee Shuen knows how to wave her hand ( meaning 'bye bye' ) when she saw mummy going out to work, when she wants to go out, she waves her hand to ah mah.
Just now when we came back from Giant, Mummy & Ee Shuen got out from the car first before Daddy park his car. Mummy asked her," Ee Shuen, Bye Bye to daddy." She take up her hand and wave ( bye bye )!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

start to crawl

Ee Shuen knows how to crawl since last week. She uses her right leg more to move herself from one place to another, have a lazy left leg. Now, she will crawl from one end to another in the living room, doing exploration all by her self. Everything is interesting to her. Some time she would prefer to go down and explore by herself rather than us holding her. At times she will come back to you taping your leg, asking you to hold her.

Sometime she will crawl from one end to another on Mummy's bed, and she try to jump down from the bed. Very Scary to mummy! have to really take care of her when she's on our bed...

But daddy thinks little ee shuen have some tendency toward extreme sports :D. Maybe she will do base jumping :). But one thing for sure, maybe daddy has finally found a partner in riding roller coster.

First tooth

Ee Shuen first tooth is growing! Yesterday when Mummy came back from work, Daddy told Mummy he can feel it with fingers on the lower part of the mouth, in the middle ).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to Ipoh in August 2007

Daddy, Mummy and Ee Shuen were back to Ipoh last Saturday. Gong gong followed us back to Ipoh this trip. He came to Penang on Friday to register for his master course.

In fornt of Gong gong & Po Po's house, there's a field. Po Po plants some vegetable including pumpkin and flowers there. Look, this dog always come to look for Po po.

Ee Shuen was so excited looking at the dog! The dog following her wherever she goes!

Ee Shuen likes to play piano too!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

High chair

Daddy brought back a high chair for Ee Shuen all the way back from US. She was trying on the new high chair on the 29th July 2007. The chair is very hard ya! punggung sakitnya!

Usually, her little cousin Hin lerk will be sitting on his own high chair while we have our meal, Little Ee Shuen will be sitting on her own rocking chair which is " lower standard " a bit. But, today she's as "high standard" as all of us! that's why, she's so excited! And she try to touch Hin Lerk's high chair, and wanted to disturb the big brother!
They are not holding hand! In fact, Hin Lerk try to push her hand back of not disturbing him, haha!



I don't really experienced constipation throughout my life. That's why, when I delivered Ee Shuen, Dr asked me to push as if I'm having constipation. Oh dear, when's the last time I had constipation? How to push, can't remember? Haha!
On last Saturday morning, poor little Ee Shuen hinted that she want to " ng ng". But, when i asked her to pass motion, she hold her fingers tight, and start to cry because she had difficulty to do so.
It was the second time already she has constipation, The first time is on 3 days ao, Wednesday.
Pity little Ee Shuen. Daddy switched on baby Eistein DVD for her, not helping! Still crying.... Mummy take her to the balcony for scenery, can't help also!
Then, Mummy decided to let her have a rest before continue " ng ng ". We can see 'something' already coming out.
After one minute, we continue our mission. She cried awhile, and finally she managed to pass motion!
Phew! I thought mission completed. But when i saw the poop, oh dear! there's blood together!
Her anus was also with blood stain.
We decided to bring her to the peds.
What's the peds told us is we should not immediately switched her from Step 1 ( for babies from 0 to 6 months ) to Step 2 ( for babies from 6 to 12 months ) when she's 6 months.
Doctor advised us to continue with Step 1 till 12 months because Ee Shuen might not digest well with Step 2.
Ok, let's give it a try.
She also been prescibed with lactose syrup ( soften the for this moment, so she don't feel so painful ) & zinc cream ( for faster recovery as there's a cut there ).
Since we went to see peds, we also request for pneumococcal injection. First time injecting this vaccine!
Today is 2nd Aug 2007,luckily she's alright now. Can passed motion everyday! Yippy!