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Saturday, December 28, 2013

ES's graduation

Attended ES's graduation at Bayview Hotel on the 16 Nov 2013. The graduation was jointly organized with another branch. The ceremony started by certificate presentation by Teacher Leena, the headmistress.


            Presenting their first dance

Next, pom pom dance....

They sang " xiang xin zhi ji" ( a mandarin song which means believe in ourselves ) at the end and parents were requested to be on the stage to sing with them.
Congratulations to our dear ES...... Time flies, she is officially graduated from kindergarten!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Movie Night

We went for a movie with the girls on Friday night. They went for " Frozen " this time and they like it very much. They behaved very well, even the twins enjoyed it. No more asking for going back early before the movie ends.  Think they had grown up and we should have more movie days for the whole family, haha!

Friday, November 29, 2013

MSLS's birthday

We celebrated MSLS's birthday on the 25th of October ( Friday ) before we go to KL for Wei's auntie's wedding reception there. Baked a strawberry cupcake tower for the girls for their 4th birthday.

Hey, can we have our cake now?
The boys and girls enjoying the cake and laughing at......

Their birthday present....
 MS showing her happy face when she got her present.
 LS playing with her Barbie doll.....
MS busy playing with her Barbie doll.



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wei Auntie's wedding reception in KL

We drove to KL on the Saturday, 26th Oct. ES was having fever after she came back from Wei Auntie's wedding in Ipoh. Before we drove to KL, she had fever again. We thought we might need to cancel the trip. After few times of checking on her temperature, we decided to drive to KL and monitored her body temperature closely.
27th Oct, Sunday was the day for the wedding ceremony. Wei auntie got herself prepared early in the morning and we were waiting for the arrival of the bridegroom.
Gong gong and popo with Wei auntie.

Gong gong and popo were laughing happily during the ceremony.

Our family photo after the arrival of Yi Zhang.

LS with Popo
Attending Wei Auntie and YI Zhang's wedding dinner.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Wei Auntie's wedding in Ipoh

We attended Wei Auntie's wedding lunch reception in Ipoh on the 20th of Oct 2013. The three girls were chosen to be the flower girls of this important day. We didn't have any practice before that. Was glad that they marched in steadily ( haha, not any nervous ) during the wedding reception.
The bride and the bridegroom !

Boys and girls with the bride and bridegroom.

Our family photo....

The four sisters.....
                                                     Flower girls with popo and ah ma....


On the day before we returned to our hometown, the girls ( especially LS & MS ) keep on asking us not to go home. They wanted to stay in the hotel. This always happened when the holiday ends....
They got a surprise while we are waiting for our flight. They saw an indoor playground at the Family Zone.

LS: Woohoo... it was so much fun!


The girls were busy playing at the Family Zone and they don't feel bored while waiting for the flight!

Auntie Wei's big day...

The main purpose we travelled to Singapore was to attend Auntie Wei's ROM. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the ceremony was held in one of the restaurant.
Look, Popo and MS were looking at the photo arranged by Yi Zhang.

Popo was holding our family photo.

Yi Zhang and auntie Wei prepared these for fun photo shooting.

ES wasa busy looking at the wedding photos.

Signing on the guest book.


They played with these before the ceremony started.

 The pretty bride with the two little girls.
And our family photo.....
 A gift from the married couple to all guests....
 Congratulations to you both and may you carry the joy of this happy day close to your heart as you journey the road of life together.