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Monday, June 18, 2007

Smile and the world smile back with you!!

Best smiley picture captured by ee shuen's uncle on grandpa's birthday celebration. You can read it here. If only us adults learn how to smile like this everyday. :)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ee shuen's new friend

This is Ee shuen's new friend - Mr. Elephant. Daddy was not too happy with Mr Octopus's quality, so daddy decided to get a new friend for Ee Shuen.

5 months old

Ee shuen is five months old now. Mummy just want to jot down something about Ee Shuen.

~ She can recognised people by now. Everytime Mumy come back from work,if Mummy walk pass her without talking to her, she will make noise and her eyes will follow Mummy.

~ She will grab things that are around her.

~ She'll grab Daddy's or Mummy's spectacles.

~ She'll try to open the door when she's in the car.

~ She'll try to grab the phone when Mummy talking to somebody.

~ She likes to see Mummy blow her hair. Everytime mummy blows her hair,she'll stopped making noise. Strange ya, maybe she just like to see how mummy blow her long hair and she wants to learn it so that she can so the same next time.

~ She'll be sitting on her car seat and lookngi at the scenary outside when daddy drive her out.

~ She's starting to mix with formula milk

~ She'll make a lot of noise before she go to bed.

~ She'll smile every morning when she wake up.

~ U can see saliva coming out from her mouth.

~ she'll put 3 fingers into her mouth sometimes.

~ She's scared when the priest talk too loud in the church. Hehe!
etc etc.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

finger licking good.....

and that is 3 finger to you mister..... I guess us adults will never understand what is it about babies and their fingers or what is so tasty about the fingers....

Baby Ee Shuen's many espression


Happy Birthday

Today is June 6th 2007 and Ee Shuen is now 4 months, 4 weeks and 2 days old.... But daddy is already 30 years old.

Today is daddy's birthday.

Daddy feels like an emperor this week, you hear stories of old empires kings and queens that have week long birthday celebration. Well it is just how daddy felt, it has been a looooong week of many lunchs and dinner celebration, starting from last sunday.

On 3rd of June we have lunch at Chillis in Gurney plaza. Mummy had some fish dish and as usual daddy stuck with beef rib, we would say the rib wasn't that good, still prefer the pork version of ribs that we used to have in states, baby spare ribs. We ordered a cake after lunch, but unfortunately we had to leave without it as baby ee shuen diapers was all wet and she was already squeeling from the discomfort.

And then on Monday, that was a public holiday, we had an early birthday dinner at the newly opened Dragon-i in Queensbay Mall, it was our second visit. We had to mentioned, it had a superb view of the bridge, the food was ok, but the sevice was bad.

Daddy was taking the foto :)

Then finally on the big day it self, mummy took daddy and ee shuen to a very nice fine dining restaurant near northam tower, mummy went to the restaurant before with some of her client. Overall the atmosphere was very nice and ambient, the service and the food was very good too. And best of all daddy got a free cake and birthday song from the waiters.

We have to add, the food was a little pricey.

And finally after mummy (and that is daddy's mummy)cook up a big dinner, we have the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Can you recognised me?

Time flies... This is how Ee Shuen when she was born till now. Just want to refresh our memory how she looks like and how she progress from month to month. She is more steady now, less making noise compared to the first 1-2 month, always crying and want to cuddle.

Photo taken on the 3rd day she was born. That is on 9th January 2007.

This is how she looks like on 4th February 2007.

See, Ee Shuen can put her head up on 25th March 2007.

Hello, this photo taken on the 7th April 2007. Why Mummy & daddy always take my photo ah?

And here, she was wearing the skirt presented by mummy's small uncle ( man kau ). Taken on the 8th May 2007.