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Saturday, March 31, 2007

finger licking good.....

Ee Shuen knows how to put her thumb into her mouth now. She will take turns with her left and right thumb. Now, she do not want to take pacifier anymore. This is her new " pacifier ".

first trip back to Ipoh - Chinese New Year 2007 !

This is Ee Shuen's first outstation trip. We brought Ee Shuen along with us back to mummy's hometown for Chinese New Year. Mummy and Ee Shuen stayed in ipoh for a week, as mummy still having maternity leave. Whereas Daddy have to go back Penang earlier as he need to work on the 4th day of CNY.
Gong Gong and Popo plus all the aunties were so happy to see you back in Ipoh!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So many expression now...

I believe Ee Shuen like to take photo like Mummy also... You can see the photo that mummy had taken recently. Ee Shuen shows so many different expression.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mummy is going back to work tomorrow...

Time flies, Ee Shuen is 2 months old already. And Mummy have to go back to work tomorrow as my maternity leave is over... can't believed it that i had been taking care of Ee Shuen for 2 months.
Before Mummy going back to work, just want to jot down some of the things that mummy noticed about you for this moment, before mummy forgotten:

(1) Ee Shuen know how to give responsive smile already. Every morning, when mummy greet her " Good morning!", she will smile back to Mummy. So cute!

(2) when Mummy open her diapers, when i make a sound " Shhhhhhh...", she'll pee on the diapers. So clever my girl!

(3) When we talk to her, she'll look at you, and sometimes she'll response us back.

(4) Now, she try to put her thumb into her mouth. Sometimes it's so lucky that the thumb will be in the mouth, she'll enjoying it like taking pacifier. However, sometimes things is not so lucky, that she didn't managed to put her thumb in, she'll cry and cry.... although we try to help her by putting her finger near to her mouth, but she'll cry and her fingers will move to all directions but not towards her mouth. This make her more frustrated. She know how to get angry now!

ok, that's all for today!