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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our cycling adventure continues in Penang...

We received our shipment end of last month. In the shipment items, it included our bikes that we used to cycle around in OR. Our cycling adventure continue in Penang again, yippy! We had been cycling around BP town, went through the orchard, cycle along the stream and river during last few weeks. Last Sunday, daddy discovered a bicycle trail at Kampung Sungai Burung when he was trying to get some fresh prawns from there. However, the trail was not as good as wha wet thought ( the initial part is tar road, then it is a bit bumpy later on  ). After that, we decided to cycle to the seaside. A lot of people were taking the photo of sunset by the beach.
Photo of sunset at Kg Sg Burung, a small Malay village in BP.

Enjoying the scenary while a gentleman was trying to take a nice photo of sunset.


We were amazed by the beautiful scenary while the girls were happily playing there. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo frame

We went to the beach last few weeks and the girls collected some sea shells.

ES made a photo frame ( a recycled box from mooncake presented by wei and yan auntie )  by putting on the sea shell on the recycled box and completed it by inserting a few photos on it.

She wanted to put this photo frame in front of daddy's working table.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The little baker

When I am making breads, ES would always asked for a piece of dough. She wanted to make her own bread too.

She cuts her dough into smaller pieces and wanted to roll it just like what i did, haha!

Reading time

ES is reading to her sisters on a Saturday morning. Three of them squeezed into a sofa.

I am baby bear, Thumbelina....

When we were in the US, we used to read to the girls before they go to bed. We try to do it daily now in Pg too ( sometimes might be quite challenging as we need to put the girls to sleep early as daddy need to wake up for early meeting ).
In the recent book that we borrowed from public library, Goldilocks and the three bears, MSLS pretend to be the baby bear as in the book. eg: Whenver we saw the word " baby bear" in the book, we will need to replace it with MS or LS's name.
Whereas when we read them Thumbelina, they said they are Thumbelina.

For ES, one of her favourite books recently is My First Read Aloud Bible. Daddy bought this from the US. She reads this almost everyday.

All About Me...

ES wrote this yesterday:
I am five years old. My name is ES. My school is XXX. The song that I love is Oppa Gangnam Style. I love books. I love the books. Books are the best thing I love. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super delicious food by popo

Popo came to stay with us for about a month when we were in the US. We were glad that we can taste all the super delicious food prepared by popo again everyday.

sweet potatoes and yellow lentils dessert

 Saw some vietnamese rice roll from Uwajimaya. The girls and I eaten a few rolls in one short.
Ingredients for making vietnamese rice roll

Kaya in process....

Our all time favourite kaya

yong liu

morning breakfast

Popo was making curry and kaya puff. MSLS trying to " help up".

Curry puff before baking...

Curry puff
Kaya puff. ( popo's father used to make kaya puff in this shape ).

Steamed yam with pork ( wu tau kau yuk ).

tong sui ( with white fungus, red dates, longan... )

steamed char siu pau.

One of our favourite dishes, pine nuts with sweet pea, carrot, corn, celery.

steamed yam cake
While popo busy cooking, gong gong will be always busy reading news, books.... He is very knowledgeble as he can answer most of the questions that we asked him.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIfferent experience during Deepavali & Awal Muharrham

During Deepavali & Awal Muharrham holiday, we went back to gong gong and popo's house. The girls were excited about it as it had been a long time ( almost one and a half years ) they have not been to my hometown .
What was more exciting when they were in their grandparents' house was they can sing with a " real " mic, haha! ( as they have a mic, but a toy at home ).
Popo still keeping one of the toys that we played last time - Lasy. The girls enjoyed playing with it!

Another activity that they like most during their stay was playing at the playground. There is a playground just in front of popo and gong gong's house.
We brought the girls for monkeys watching at Kledang Hill too, a precious experience for the girls - to get a closer look to the nature and how the monkeys moving around in their habitat, playing around, and they realte back to the movie that they had seen before  ( Chimpanzee ).
The most important thing was they were having fun playing with wei auntie & xuan auntie too during their stay!


ES's first experience in water colour painting

Wei auntie bought ES a set of water colour together with a hello kitty drawing. So far, she did a lot of activites with water colour in her previous school, but his is her first experience to have water colour painting at home. She was having so much fun ! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun day at the beach

Last two weeks, Daddy was not working on Friday. We decided to bring the girls to the beach on that morning. The girls were so excited as it had been a long time they haven't been to the beach. 
Bringing their plasctic cups along, to make their sandcastle.


Daddy was busy putting up a "big umbrella" for the girls.  

LS was having fun waiting for the waves to come...

 ES drew a heart shape for her sisters.

ES & LS enjoyed playing with the sea water.

Whereas MS prefer to build her sandcastle. The girls picked some sea shells and put it on the sandcastle.

Ooppsss... mum, I saw a prawn. LS wanted to rescue the prawn by putting it back to the sea.  

After a fun morning, we brought the girls to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We are three!

LS on the left and MS on the right. Looking at their babies' photos, even us, sometimes we do confused who is MSLS, haha!

MSLS just turned three on 28th October 2012. Here are some updates about them:
Language & Thinking Development :
  • Love singing. Their most favourite song is " London Bridge is falling down". They started singing this song since 3 months back. Whenever we passed by any bridge, or overhead bridge, they will sing this song. Other nursery rhymes that they love to sing included The wheel of the bus, baa baa black sheep, twinkle twinkle little star, ke ren lai ( mandarin ), liang zhi lao fu ( mandarin ).
  • Like to read story books. After listening to the stories, they act as storyteller, and pretend to tell us story.
  • Speaks in complete sentences. Sometimes they do trick us, eg: When anybody asked them what is their name ( to make sure they are MS or LS ), they will say out the other person's name.
          Ah gong: What is your name?
          LS         : Magdalene... ( then she laughed )     

Social & Emotional Development :
  • Follow simple directions; enjoy helping with household tasks such as hanging clothes.
  • Able to make choices between two things
  • Begins to notice other people's moods and feelings
  • Like to copy their big sister
  • Take turns in game
Cognitive ( learning, thinking, problem solving ) development :
  • Screw and unscrew jar lids or turns door handle
  • build towers or castle
  • turn book pages one at a time
  • like colouring.
  • draw straight line, circle and sometimes after drawing lines, they tell us what is it.
  • like to say " 5, 6 " when they saw any objects more than 2.
Movement / physical development :
  • Just knew how to ride a bicycle last month.