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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Airport & Kuala Lumpur

When Mummy arrived airport yesterday, Daddy & Ee Shuen came to fetch Mummy. Mummy was so excited as was away home for almost 5 days.

When I entered the car,

Daddy: Where are you now?
ES : Airport ( Mummy was so amazed that Ee Shuen had learned new words when Mummy was not around ).

Daddy: Where did Mummy go?
ES : Kuala Lumpur. ( again! amazed by her fast improvement on picking up new wording. She didn't know this word before Mummy went for meeting )

Daddy: What did you saw in airport, Ee Shuen?
ES : Big big.. aeroplane!

Daddy: Lion is like?
ES : roaar

Children is learning so fast, you will amazed with their development. Within 5 days, Ee Shuen had picked up more new words!

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