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Sunday, January 11, 2009

First night at Popo & Gong gong's house

We drove Ee Shuen back to Ipoh on Saturday night. Tried to get Popo's help to take care of her as Ah Ma just had a surgery.
We reached Ipoh quite late, almost about 9pm. Ee Shuen slept with Popo & Ah Yi on Saturday night.

Daddy & Mummy drove back to Penang on Sunday. Mummy needs to go for a five-days company meeting at Sarawak.
According to Popo, Ee Shuen behaved very well after we left.
She took nap from 2.30pm till 5 sth pm.
Then, she played with Su Wei auntie.
At frist, she refused to take bath as usual. Popo told ES she will get angry. She even asked Popo not to be angry.
At 9.30pm, She told Popo that she wanted to go to sleep.
Mummy tempted to talk to her through phone, but gave up after that. Afraid that she'll think of us!

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