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Friday, February 6, 2009

Our small vegetable patch

We suppose everyone have heard, seen and eaten organic vegetables. It sopposed to be good for you, as it is insecticide free, non-toxic fertilize, so on and so forth.

So when we moved into our new home, we had reserve a small area behind our house to plant some vegetable, and that is organic vegetables.

our very own chilli padi, tree bought from the pasar tani nearby. cost us rm6.50. with some water and lots of sunshine we are sure we would be able to recoup our money soon.

our lady finger plant has begin to bear fruits. surprisingly relatively easy to plant. Just took 1.5months for the plant to grow from seed to bear fruits.

ah ma doing our first organic lady finger harvest :). It was one huge lady finger....

So how do we claim that our vegetables are organic? First the water is from our pipe water and rain, sunshine is from of course our dear sun, we did not put any pesticide..... hmm fertilizer? of course you need fertilizer, if not how can you get that HUGE lady finger?

So fertilizer........ we got it daily from our little helper below. She delivered it to us almost daily in her red potty.
now that is one yummy lady finger!!!

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