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Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a busy CNY

ES and mummy went back to Ipoh for a long holiday during CNY, almost one week. What we did was stayed at home with ah yi & gong gong, popo; Visit mummy's relatives; and this time we managed to have time to visit mummy's friends, and of course ES have the chance to meet her friends too...
We met with Foong auntie, Lee Ching auntie & Kan auntie. All of them brought along their children. We gathered at Foong auntie's house. This is Xiao Wei Wei ( Foong auntie's daughter ) together with ES.

Daddy drove to Ipoh again on Friday.. We had our dinner & low sang all the way from Penang.

Ah Mah's relatives came to our house and we had steamboat & BBQ on Saturday night. All children were in the playroom, busy playing masak masak, and of course fighting begin inside the room...

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