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Thursday, April 2, 2009

From our UMNO #3

Part of malaysian chinese culture....

hmmm.... no wonder the country is in such a mess, just showed how much we understand one another as Malaysian. but what the heck... got free milk... err err i mean free food

My friend was telling me... he thinks this round PR will lose some votes to BN. He asked me to look around in Penang, he said no changes since PR took over penang, same old penang. Ask him back, what about the last 10 years under BN, was there any changes?? we were just sitting looking pretty without much development... oh yeah maybe we had a few new malls for us to hang out during the weekend. Give PR a break... at least they are spending helping the hard core poor, rather than making sure the whole families get to visit mickey mouse all around the world on the first class flight....

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yeelee said...

totally agreed!!!