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Friday, January 22, 2010

MS & LS at 12 weeks and ES at 3 years old

Ee Shuen. She is such a good girl now, as she sings for both her younger sisters before they sleep at night.

May Shuen ( on the right ) & Li Shuen ( on the left ).

Mummy just back from working trip yesterday night. LS had slept while MS can't sleep yesterday night. Cuddled her and sleep besides her for awhile, then she fall asleep.
This morning, when both of them wake up, we put them in the cot. Mummy talking to them, and they are so happy adn repsonse back with smiles...

They had averagely 7 times feeding per day, each time with 4 1/2 oz each.

They can sleep longer during night time now. Normally they sleep at about 9-10pm, and wake up at about 3am.

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Bart said...

Wow... they have really grown!