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Friday, September 10, 2010

MS & LS at 10 months old

They like to play masak masak... They can stand with support...

They will sit on their high chair and enjoy their fruits... usually we will give them papaya, apples...LS have a tooth on the bottom, and MS have 2 teeth on the bottom also

The first word that they know is " jeh jeh" ( sister ). Sometimes they will say mam mam ( food )

Sometimes they are friends... Sometimes they will fight with each others. LS likes to disturb or pull MS's hair. Because of that, sometimes MS will scream and call for help when LS go near her.

They like to play ES's lego. They will have the luxury of playing it freely when ES is not around. MS likes to pull it out one by one... While LS don't really like it.

And guess what is their new game? They like to go near the door and pull out the mosquitoes cover!!!

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