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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Boxing day we had!!

It all with started with attending mass and children's christmas party!!

ES taking group photo with Father Martin and the rest of the children. The twins, mummy and grandma has already gone home. Kinda of hard with the twins around to attend the party, they were already restless after mass.

ES first musical chair game. She was the first one out :( , almost in tears. Her friend Emilia was the second out.

Later grandma's youngest sis, came to visit from KL. ES favourite person, her little aunty was here. We brought them to the organic and goat farm in balik pulau. Penang's very own U-Pick, pick your own vege, chai sing, kai-lan and etc.

ES with her favourite fren aka little aunty enjoying the swing at the farm.

The twins with mummy on the swing.

The girls paying the goat a visit. Where is the milk?

We did not let the twins in as we could hear the goat meeek-sneezing away... just a pre-cautions.

After the visit we went for thai dinner at Genting. Magnificient view, although the drive up the hill was pretty scary. Another thing to note is the place was swarm by mosquito. Mental note to bring mosquito coil along next time.

Magnificient view from where we sat!!

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