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Sunday, February 13, 2011

LS was admitted to hospital because of febrile seizure

We travel back to Ipoh last friday, and thinking of travel back to Penang on Saturday morning as Daddy need to attend his best friend's wedding dinner.

On Saturday morning, after we went to D.R Seenivasagam Park, we noticed Li Shuen was having slight fever. Therefore, we decided to buy her paracetamol before we depart from Ipoh.

After taking medication, when we are almost to leave grandparents' house in Ipoh, suddenly LS have fits. It really gave us a terrifying experience, really scary! Without warning, LS's body suddenly become stiff and the arms and the eyes roll up. She seems like loses consciousness, although her eyes remain open.

We rushed her to the emergency unit at Ipoh Specialist Hospital. The Medical officer gave her Diazepam & later on with the Voltaren suppository. Paedetrician attended to her and asked if both daddy and mummy have any family history. as far as we know, none of ourselves or our siblings have this before.

Daddy taking care of LS on the first night after she admitted to hospital. As daddy needs to attend his best friend's wedding, he drove MS and ES back to Penang on Sunday evening.

On Monday evening, dr wanted to start LS on drips. But after knowing that she drinks a lot of fluid, doctor is comfortable and ask to continue giving her milk ( almost 2 hourly ). Dr did blood test for LS to check if it is denggi.

On Tuesday midnight, her temperature went up to 39 C. After taking paracetamol and supossitory, she does not want to drink milk. After awhile, Mummy on back the light. Tried to give her water. She only drank 2 teaspoon of water. Then, Mummy took her milk bottle and pretend to start drinking. After a few attempts, she wanted to drink her milk & finished the whole bottle. Dr said LS is having viral fever with " ga ma"

She was discharge on Tuesday evening. Daddy drove all the way from Penang and drove LS & Mummy back on the same day itself. No more fever on Wednesday....

There are some advice that I get from the net:

What should we do if child has a seizure?

● Put your child on his or her side so that he or she won’t choke on saliva or vomit.

● Don’t put anything in your child’s mouth.

● Don’t restrain your child’s movements during the seizure.

● Try to remain calm. Most seizures stop on their own within a few minutes, so keep your eyes on a clock or watch.

● Rush to the hospital if the seizure lasts more than 10 minutes or is accompanied by a stiff neck, vomiting or breathing problems.

● Don’t try to lower your child’s fever by placing him or her in a cold bath, especially during a seizure.

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