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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrating ES's birthday in school

ES celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. We started to prepare for her birthday on Thursday night as she will be having an earlier celebration in school with her classmates on Friday. ES started to prepare goodies bags for her friends in school and for those who will be coming to attend her birthday party.

She also made her own thank you cards for all her classmates.
She drew a picture of a birthday cake and wrote there : Thank you for being my friend.

On Friday, one day before her birthday, Mummy baked some Souffle chesscakes with buttercream icing for her to share with her friends.

Preparing to bring the cupcakes to school together with some cheese pizzas.

During lunchtime, ES's classmates celebrated her birthday. Her friends were so excited as ES prepared a card for each of them together with the goody bags. They do enjoyed the session and Malia, one of her friends asked all of her classmates to sing her a birthday song.

ES with her teacher, Ms Jessica

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