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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home alone with the girls

We got to know Ah Gong was admitted to hospital on Independance Day. He was having fever, passed black motions and a bit breathless when he went to see the doctor. Daddy immediately went back to hometown on that Saturday as Ah Gong was transferred to ICU.  I was home alone with the three girls for two nights. This is the first experience tat we have to be home alone, without daddy and any other family members.

After daddy left on Saturday evening, the girls behaved well by having their dinner and preparing to sleep as usual. The challenging part was putting the girls to sleep in the same room. Usually, they sleep in different rooms.

On the first night, MSLS asked for milk for twice before going to sleep, and ES wanted me to sleep besides her. It took almost 2 hours to put the three of them to sleep. LS woke up at 2am, 3am while MS woke up at 5am.

On Sunday morning, the girls woke up as early as 6 am. After their breakfast, it was still early and I decided to take the girls for the 10am mass. The three girls were quite cooperative as I told them that we are going to church and they will be praying for Ah Gong for a speedy recovery. The three girls behaved quite well in the chruch and even kneeled down to pray. They walked out and follow the line to receive blessing too.

On Sunday evening, brought the girls to the library to borrow some new books. They were excited about it. At night, it took about an hour plus to put the three girls to sleep. MSLS woke up at 2am while LS woke up at about 5am. It was better than the first night.

And we were glad that on Monday night, Gong gong, popo, Wei, Xuan &Yan auntie had arrived. At least the girls will be busy " entertaining " them for the next couple of weeks.

We are glad that Ah Gong was discharged from the hospital few days after daddy went back to hometown and doctor confirmed everything alright after biopsy done last week.

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