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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rose, rose, I love you @ Rose Garden

Our family reunion this year was in a faraway land, US. Gong gong, popo, our three aunties came over and visited us. We are so excited to meet them, after one year apart with each other.

We brought them to some of the Portland must-visit spots. One of them is Rose Garden. Although we are here for more than a year, we have not been to this place. There are over 7,000 rose plants of approximately 550 varieties in there. The roses bloom from April through October with the peak coming in June, depending on the weather. We are glad to see a lot of different varieties although it was already July.

New rose cultivars are continually sent to the garden from many parts of the world and are tested for color, fragrance, disease resistance and other attributes. It is the oldest continuously operating public rose test garden in the United States and exemplifies Portland's nickname of the City of Roses.

MSLS were busy looking at the roses with popo.

 Taking photo with gong gong, popo and Wei auntie.

At the Royal Rosarian Garden.
The Royal Rosarian Garden has paid tribute since 1924 to the goodwill ambassadors and official greeters who serve in the many Rose Festival events. As each rosarian is knighted, they adopt a rose variety as their namesake. A rose is planted in this garden for each of the highest ranking Rosarian Prime Ministers. This garden-within-a-garden contains many roses which are no longer commercially available.
MSLS tried to imitate what popo is doing...
These are some of the roses that we saw on that day.

A relaxing outing with our lovely family members....

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