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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

We had a simple birthday celebration for mummy last friday. Gugu's family, gong gong & popo were here with us. Popo cooked some dishes for dinner - including gu lou yok and wu tao kao yuk, our favourite dishes.

Popo and mummy baked a mango sponge cake, while ESMSLS helped to decorate the cake with jelly beans ( to form the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY ), and we plucked some mint leaves from our backyard to put on top of the cake too.
Mummy, how many candles should we put on?

Glad that popo and gong gong were here to celebrate mummy's birthday. Ah Ma & Ah gong were away for holiday.

Gu Zhang helped us to take a nice family photo.

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