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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Camp at Oregon Zoo

ES attended Summer Camp at Oregon Zoo last week. It is a five-days camp. Based on her age, she was in Turtle Camp.
The whole last week was filled with fun and learning as she explored the zoo and all of the incredible cretures like leopard, polar bear, hedgedog, lorikeets, elephants, hissing cockcroach, Cali King Snake.

The turtle campers toured the zoo everyday seeing a variety of animals and focusing their attention on the array of patterns, shapes and sizes. Besides the tours, animal activities, there are songs, games and art projects to support the daily theme.

ES's artwork from Summer Camp


giddy tigress said...

Oh is Christine the name you gave ES? Must be a fantastic experience for her!

baby girl diary said...

yup... this is the christian name that we chosen for her baptism. haha, she had fun and they did a lot of walking around the zoo... till she commented her legs were so painful,haha