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Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday cake?

It's Friday today! We usually do not cook rice on Friday evening. All of us had agreed to have pizza for  tonight's dinner. I made these four 9 inche pizzas based on the recipe posted on 23 May 2011.
MSLS went near the pizzsa, and they thought all are birthday cakes. They asked Mummy to sing birthday song for them, while they are swinging their body.

Vegetarian pizza - with mushroom, red bell pepper, onion

Pepperoni mushroom pizza

Fruit pizza - With bananas

Fruit pizza - with cherries and blueberries


giddy tigress said...

Looks very interesting and delicious indeed. I'm curious to try out your pizza dough recipe. Is the dough the thick type or the thin type. My favorite pizza base is the Domino's Classic Hand tossed crust - not too thick and not too thin. Just wondering if yours is anything like it?

baby girl diary said...

not really... we are just better :)

baby girl diary said...

U can try using bread flour as it will be more like crispy type....I read it in one of the recipes previously n I tried before. It taste good...