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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

At 11 months

Ee Shuen has start to recognise things in the book, like butterfly, bird, pig, apple fish, bicycle.

When we laughed, Ee Shuen also follow, " Ha ha! "

She'll crawl to the door, and waved to Mummy, sometimes like saying " Bye!"

She loves to go to the playground.

She will stand without any support sometimes.

adding on (by daddy on 25th of December)

She no longer poo poo into her diapers. She will only do her big one in the red 'tam pui' (hokkien), while reading her books. And while she is doing it she will ask daddy to get another book if she has finished the one she is reading.

Sometime after she wakes up from her afternoon nap, we will find her diapers all dry, and she will do her small one in tam pui when we asked her to. We hope she will be diapers free soon. Diapers are not cheap anyway, costing ~rm1 each, mamy poko XL

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