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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poor Ee Shuen's thumb is swollen

Last night at about 9pm, Baby Ee Shuen pointed to the bed room, indicating she wanted to go to sleep, such a good girl, so daddy prepared her milk, mummy changed her into pyjamas and diapers.

after she finished her milk, we put her into her baby cot, but somehow after a while she keep getting up. we thought she wanted a little hug before sleeping, so we pick her up and try hugging her to sleep, however she just couldn't fall asleep. Daddy noticed one thing very strange, she wasn't sucking her thumb but her mouth was alway moving, like she is muching or sucking something. (on a side note, we have never given her pacifier, it has always been the thumb). Observing her a little more, we noticed whenever she puts her left thumb into her mouth, she will quickly take it out. Looks like she has sucked her thumb till its all red and a little swollen, it is now painful. Poor Ee Shuen........

We tried to give her a pacifier, but apparently this baby doesn't know how to suck the pacifier anymore. She just play with it.

In the end ah mah and ah kong took her into their room, let her roll around until about 11pm++, when she was too tired and she just fall asleep without sucking her thumb. One other thing, she will throw her lion pillow away, her thumb sucking pillow :).

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素妍 said...

poor lil ee ntg edi huh?