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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Ee Shuen supports......

These days when daddy and mummy takes me out kai kai, i see a lot of flags, flags of green moon, 2 half moon, rocket and faces of uncle and aunty. Something exciting must be coming up!!

At night i hear papa and ah kong arguing about who to vote. I think i hear ah kong supporting MCA/BN and papa supporting anyone as long as they are not BN. I hear ah kong saying 'na na vote for rocket lar... see see later penang CM post also go to huan na', then i hear daddy excitingly talking about how the american are almost coming to have a black as a president, and how the world are moving ahead without considering a person's race and religion. I also hear daddy saying it doesn't matter who is the leader, as long as he has strong leadership quality couple with high morale we will vote for him, and we will definetely need to go through a painful process if we want changes and to be a true malaysian.

I think i will go with daddy and vote for

if the aunties and uncles at EC allow a one year old girl to vote.

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