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Thursday, March 6, 2008

We were part of the history... WE WERE THERE!!!

Daddy took the night off from taking care of ee shuen to be a part of the history in the making (hopefully it will happen this March 8th). Of course mummy was the silent voice supporting from home, taking care of ee shuen while daddy and his buddy took a night off to lent a voice and presence to the Barisan Alternative. Thanks mummy and ah mah!!

The crowd filled the Han Chiang field, every corridor and roads in, out and surrounding the school. The atmosphere was magical with crowd roaring and cheering away whenever the candidates hit a point. It was a night when i felt like a true Malaysian and everyone on the field is my brother and sister, irrelative of race or religion.

One other surpring thing was, while surfing throung the internet looking for pics of the night, daddy actually spotted my buddy and i among the sea of people. The original photo is here. I was in white with greyish print on the back and my buddy in light blue tshirt.


Bart said...

Wah! Daddy really took the trouble yah? He also has very sharp eyes :o)!

baby girl diary said...

Not too hard actually. First spot the statue, then spot the guy carry the DAP flag in front of us :)