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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ee Shuen at 14 months

photo taken during last Sunday, 2nd of March 2008

Ee Shuen is 14 months as of today, 7th of March 2008.

quite some times Mummy didn't wrote for her, always busy busy busy with work....

She can walked from the front door to the balcony, then to her bedroom & then to the kitchen, non-stop now.

She can say a few new words now: Ai ( " want " in Hokkien ), lion ( becuase she has a pillow with the printing of a lion ), mum mum ( food ), nen nen ( milk ), book, fish, aeroplane, this, zher bian ( This way in mandarin )

She can recognised the way to playground and the way back home from ground floor.

She can climb down from Mummy's bed by herself. And even sofa!

She drinks 7 oz of milk.

She eats bread, teething biscuits, porridge, egg, fruits like papaya, banana, apple, peach.Sometimes she will be more happy if she's given a spoon.

Waving "bye-bye".

drinking with a straw from her water bottle

Able to stand alone

Can stoop down and then stand back up again.

Starting to have clear ideas about what he wants and will be persistent in trying to achieve them. She'll say " ng mai" for ( don't want in Hokkien ) and " ai " ( want in Hokkien ).

She had fever on this Tuesday afternoon. And she had almost recovered now.

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