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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Live telecast of the Parlimen HAVE TO CONTINUE!!

Refering to the MSM article on PM response from Kuwait on the cancelation on the live telecast of the parlimen session here, our response from Penang is.... the live telecast HAVE TO CONTINUE....

if after 50 years of independance can't teach out leaders, pakatan rakyat or barisan nasional, to properly debate, then the RAKYAT need to properly decide from watching the telecast if they should continue voting for the person to be his/her MP.

on the PM's comment that the rakyat can easily go to the dewan to follow the proceedings...... my response is we do not have a private jet to fly us to KL and private chauffer to drive me from KLIA to the parlimen house, my only source of information is the telecast and INTERNET :( Also I really wish i could just take leave in the middle of the week to fly to KL or Kuwait, but i just don't have that luxury :(

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