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Friday, May 2, 2008

One day off

Today Mummy take one day off to accompany Ee Shuen. As Mummy will be going outstation for few days this month, try to spend some times with her.

5.45am - woke up for milk

6.30am - crying as nobody in the bedroom. Mummy accompanied her, sleep back again

7.00am - wake up

7.30am - Ee Shuen and Mummy went down for morning walk. After Hin Lerk cousin woke up, he also came and joined us with Ah Ma

8.30am - take bath

10.45am - take nap

12.00pm - wake up from nap. Drink milk for second time

12.05pm - watching TV

12.40pm - playing around. Help Mummy to take back clothes from the balcony. She try to mop the floor as it's wet. She take out some stuff from the drawer, put back after finished playing.

1.00pm - read book with Mummy. When Mummy said out one word, she'll try to follow for those simple one. E.g.: book, duck, bird, car, bus, apple ( she pronounced as "ple" ), shoe, fish, snail, horse, zebra ( "bra" ), cat, frog )

2.45pm - Drink milk again, try to put her to sleep. reluctant

4.00pm - Ee Shuen was a bit moody as need to take nap already, but she still want to stay in living room

4.10pm - Mummy try to accompany her to sleep. When pointed at her baby cod, she replied " Ng Mai" ( Hokkien - Doesn't want ).

5.50pm - still taking nap. I think she's too tired...

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