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Monday, March 29, 2010

LS & MS at 5 months old

(1) They are drinking 5 oz of milk now - Mamil Gold step 1 or BM

(2) They learnt how to pass motion in potty now...

(3) Both of them will grab the object if you put near them

(4) MS tends to be more patience when sometimes waiting for her milk

(5) LS just knew how to roll over from back to stomach yesterday... MS still trying...

(6) LS prefer pacifier while MS prefer her own thumb!!!

(7) They will sleep when the light is turn off... If the light is still on during
their sleeping time, they tend to make a lot of noise...

(8) When ES talk to them, they will laugh or smile...

(9) They usually wake up once at night ( usually 2-3 am ), and wake up early in the morning after that

(10) They do not like hot weather... They will become very frustrated when it's hot

(11) They enjoy taking bath.They will be kicking in the bath tub as though they are
swimming in back stroke

(12) They know how to recognise people surrounding them now. Last week, LS cried when
a lady wanted to carry her before the mass starts

(13) LS tends to make a lot of noise, like seeking for attention. LS & MS sometimes do make a lot of noise when they are together, as though like they are talking to each other

(14) LS try to put her pacifier to her mouth, still trying... She still try to coordinate...; As for MS, she sometimes will need to coordinate well in order to put her thumb in...

(15) They wear Mamy Poko " M " size

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