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Friday, July 2, 2010

ES is having chickenpox!!

Last Saturday, we brought ES for swimming as usual. She is not so willing to go. We wonder why... On the right bottom of her neck, there was a few red spots. Daddy said it is due to she fell down last few days. And Mummy noticed her upper part of the lips also a bit swollened.

On Sunday, when we are having breakfast. She complained her ears are painful. And i noticed there were few more red spots on her back. Oh!!! Mummy noticed one of the red spots was with fluid inside. It must be chickenpox!!!

ES must have explored to the virus from her school. As there are children in her school with chickenpox, but still coming to school. As we know that symptoms tend to appear 14 to 16 days after the initial exposure but can occur any time from 10 days up to 21 days after contact with the virus. According to the teacher, two students had chicken pox came to school during semester break, which is one week before this, without knowing they are having chickenpox.

Daddy took her to see dr and confirmed it is chicken pox. According to the paeds, patients are contagious up to five days (more commonly, one to two days) before and five days after the date that their rash appears. When the sores have crusted over, the person is usually no longer contagious. We are worried that it will spread to the two younger sisters. Mummy decided to bring her back to Ipoh for the time being.

Mummy and ES are back to Ipoh since last Saturday.She woke up off and on during Sunday night, think it was very itchy. Unconciously she wanted to scratch it, even Mummy already told her not to do that during daytime.

Mummy went to work till Thursday and took leave on Friday. She was in good hand with all the aunties and popo, gong gong. There are more red spots on her chest and back.

Till today, some of the blisters being crust over and just few of the red spots still with fluid inside. Thanks god she only have mild fever for one day...

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