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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We went out for dinner for the first time ( first time went out without any function ) yesterday with the three angels. We expect babies will make noise during our dinner. But, to our suprise, both of the little angels behave quite well. LS was sitting on the high chair, busy surveying customers who are coming into the restaurant. While MS was carried by aunty Joy because the restaurant only have two high chair available. We had a good dinner, although we have to be quick.

After dinner, daddy brought us to Padang Kota Lama for a walk. We saw some trishaws and daddy got a beca riders to take us for one round. We are amazed that even the bus have to stop for the trishaw at the roundabout. But, it's quite dangerous though! Great experience as we always see people sitting in the trishaw where we didn't really have any experience sitting on it before...

There are about 200 trishaw in Penang which are mostly scattered around Georgetown area.

Penang trishaw comes in many names,Rickshaw,trishaw,taxicab or locally referred to as beca.The modern beca in Penang is a pedal-powered trishaw rather than one that’s pulled by runners.

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