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Sunday, November 28, 2010

MSLS at 13 months old

(1) sometimes they will fight with each other, and even bite each other when fighting.

(2) MS had three teeth on top, and two from the bottom. Whereas LS had one tooth on top, and top from bottom.

(3) they still drink milk during middle of the night, and another time near to wake up time ( thier usual wake up time is about 5-6pm )

(4) LS usually wakes up earlier than MS. Not later than 6 sth in the morning.

(5) They can say words like cat, papa, jeje, ah ma, mama, aunty, mum mum, ng, drop ( in mandarin) now

(6) when they are given a piece of biscuit, MS will finished up first, whereas LS will b slowly munching her biscuits, and enjoying by having small bite.

(7) They like to go playground... We just let them explore recently

(8) When they does not want something, they will shake their head. when they want something, they will knock their head.

(9) They just like to eat - porridge, fruits, biscuits, oats... Especially MS, she can eat non stop, and end up can't sleep well at night!

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